MITB 2019: Kofi Kingston has defeated Kevin Owens

Kofi Kingston has defeated Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Championship title at Money in the Bank(MITB) 2019.

Kofi Kingston Retain WWE Championship at Money In The Bank 2019, Kofi Kingston Money In The Bank 2019
Kofi Kingston Retain WWE Championship at Money In The Bank 2019


Kofi Kingston became the WWE Champion by defeating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania this year. As Kofi’s New Day teammate Big E got injured, Kevin Owens became the honorary member of the stable. But Owens turned heel on Kofi just in one week. Since then Owens made disrespectful comments regarding Kofi and New Day and even attacked Xavier Woods on a couple of occasions. Kofi later challenged Owens for the championship match at Money in the Banks which Owens gleefully accepted. They also got involved in multiple brawls were always maintained the upper hand. 

Match Description

KO enters first and is shouting, asking for Kofi to come out. As Kofi enters and the bell rings, both starts unloading with punches. But KO takes Kofi to the corner briefly before sending him out. Kofi hits the flying clothesline off the steel steps. KO hits the shoulder block to crash Kofi’s back at the apron before Kofi counters to send him to barricades. Kofi hits a moonsault plancha before taking KO inside the ring.

KO decks Kofi in the back and starts working him. He tries to start the New Day Rock chant to mock Kofi before hitting a Swanton bomb on the back. Kofi hits some punches but KO hits a knee to counter a shoulder tackle. KO also sends him to the ring post and hits a splash off the apron. He takes Kofi back to the ring to get a nearfall. He hits some chops and then unloads with punches on the back. Kofi comes back with some punches of his own but KO grabs him and tries to go for the Boston Crab. As Kofi prevents it, he tries to send Kofi to the turnbuckle but Kofi again lands on his feet.

Kofi rallies with quick moves- punches, flying clothesline, dropkick and boom drop before KO gets him in the Boston Crab. Kofi reaches the ropes to break the hold. Both men end up on the apron where after trading strikes, Kofi hits the double knee stomp. As Kofi goes for the corkscrew splash, KO nails him with a superkick. Back in the ring, Kofi avoids pop-up Powerbomb, KO avoids trouble in paradise and Kofi avoids stunner before hitting SOS to get a nearfall. KO again manages to put Kofi in the Boston Crab and again Kofi breaks the hold by reaching the ropes.

Kofi avoids the superkick and unloads with punches on the back off the head. KO counters to hit the pop-up powerbomb to get two. Kofi avoids the stunner and hits the trouble in paradise to send KO to the outside. As Kofi brings him back, KO hits the stunner but Kofi grabs the rope to break the pin. KO throws Kofi’s shoes and goes for the Swanton bomb. Kofi gets his knees up to counter and hits the trouble in paradise to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

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