King of the Ring 2019 QuarterFinal Lineup Confirmed

The quarterfinals lineup for WWE King of the Ring 2019 tournament is now confirmed after Ali and Chad Gable advanced from the last set to round 1 match at SmackDown this week.

King of the Ring 2019 QuarterFinal Lineup
King of the Ring 2019 QuarterFinal Lineup

In the first match of the night, Ali took on Buddy Murphy in a highly anticipated match. Expectations were high for this match given the excellent bouts these two have had in the past. And they certainly met those expectations with a stellar match.

The initial half was dominated by Murphy who started strongly but Ali returned into the match. After a lot of high flying, technical action, Ali finished it off with a tornado DDT and his finisher 450 splash to win the match. Post-match, both men showed respect to each other and celebrated with each others’ hands in the air.

In the last half hour of SmackDown, former tag team partners collided as Chad Gable took on Shelton Benjamin. The match has been built over the last couple of weeks with a series of backstage segments with Benjamin taking shots on Gable’s height. But it was Gable who had the last laugh in a short but good match. Gable won the match as he countered a powerbomb into a Sunset Flip Bomb.

The quarterfinals lineup for WWE King of the Ring 2019 Tournament will as follows. All the matches will take place next week on RAW and SmackDown respectively.

  • Samoa Joe vs Ricochet
  • Cedric Alexander vs Baron Corbin
  • Elias vs Ali
  • Andrade vs Chad Gable

The King of the Ring tournament has returned to WWE after 4 years. The winner from RAW and SmackDown leg semifinals of the tournament will face-off at Clash of Champions 2019 on 15 September. The winner of the tournament will get a World Title shot against the champion of his choosing.

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