Karrion Kross on Fast Track to WWE Main Roster

Karrion Kross NXT Champions 2020

Karrion Kross won the NXT Championship within months of his debut on the brand. However, an injury cut his title reign short to only three days. That injury seemed to have done more harm to Kross than only the NXT title.

Dave Meltzer, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, mentioned that Karrion Kross is being groomed for the main roster. But the separated shoulder injury that Kross suffered in June slowed down his progress.

“Karrion Kross is being groomed for the main roster. Roderick Strong, who can work rings around Karrion Kross, might never be on the main roster. It’s just how it is. They can’t wait to get Karrion Kross on the main roster. He has to get through whatever he’s getting through [in NXT] to get him there, but he’s on the fast track for that.”

Meltzer added WWE Management is very high on Karrion Kross and they can’t wait for him to get to the main roster. And that call will come before many other NXT stars.

A feud between Karrion Kross and WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar is teased recently. Escobar name-dropped Kross by referencing his injury and Kross having to drop the title even before a single title defense. Scarlett then showed up during Escobar’s match against Gran Metalik on this week’s NXT.

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