Jonathan Gresham Signs with IMPACT, Match Set for Hard to Kill

Jonathan Gresham vs Eddie Edwards IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023
Jonathan Gresham vs Eddie Edwards at IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023, Image Credits – IMPACT Wrestling

Jonathan Gresham has revealed that he has signed a multi-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling.

“The Octopus” appeared on this week’s IMPACT on AXS TV episode confronting Eddie Edwards and now has a match set for Hard to Kill 2023 PPV event.

Eddie Edwards defeated Delirious in a singles match on IMPACT this week. It seemed that Edwards was following sportsman spirit when he raised Delirious’ hand after the match, but immediately went on to attack him and even tried to remove his mask.

Jonathan Gresham’s music hit and he ran out, marking his return to IMPACT for the first time since the start of this year. Gresham faced off with Edwards in the ring before Edwards slipped to ringside and then quickly backstage.

In a backstage interview later, Gresham talked about how his planned match against Edwards never took place earlier this year. He then confirmed that he has signed a deal with IMPACT and will face Edwards at IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023 PPV event.

Hard to Kill is scheduled for January 13, 2022, and already has Josh Alexander vs Bully Ray match for IMPACT World Championship and Jordynne Grace vs Mickie James match for IMPACT Knockouts Championship on the card.

Jonathan Gresham was one of the ROH wrestlers who was retained by AEW upon their ROH takeover. However, Gresham asked for a release from AEW/ROH contract after Death Before Dishonor event in July. It was not clear at the time whether AEW granted his release until his announcement that he has signed with IMPACT.

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