Elias interrupted by Dr. of Thugonomincs John Cena at WrestleMania 35

John Cena Wrestlemania 35, John Cena interrupted elies
John Cena Wrestlemania 35

Elias hyped his WrestleMania performance for weeks and it was always anticipated he would be interrupted by some returning superstar. It turned out to be John Cena and that too in his Dr. of Thugonimincs avatar. Here is the description of the segment.

Segment Description

Elias on the drum and another version is on the Piano on the screen. Elias is in the ring in person with the Guitar. All three versions perform in unison for a short time. Elias bids them Goodbye and starts playing ‘Walk with Elias’ on his Guitar with the crowd singing with him. The atmosphere is electric with the crowd behind him. Lights are off and the mobile flashes are making a good spectacle. Elias asks us to hold the applause, silence the cellphone and shut the mouths. As he starts to perform, something starts on the screen. It turns out to be the highlights from a baseball game from 1932. As the video ends, John Cena’s thugonomics Music hits and he comes out in the Thugonomics gimmick- wearing his classic chain and jersey attire. Cena comes into the rings and raps the insults out of Elias. Cena then lays out Elias, hits him with the five knuckle shuffle and then the FU. He lefts the ring with Elias still on the floor.

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