Chris Jericho Retains Title After Thanksgiving Celebration

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was able to retain his title against Scorpio Sky at AEW Dynamite episode of 27 November 2019, which also featured after the Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration.

AEW Dynamite started with Chris Jericho’s Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration. Jericho was welcomed to the ring with by former WWE star, Virgil, who is currently going by the name Soul Train Jones. The ring was full of presents and surrounded by mascots and a marching band.

Jericho revealed that official ‘A Little Bit Of Bubbly’ will now be sold via a website. The Inner Circle also joined the festivities with Sammy Guevara presenting multiple gifts to Jericho and Jake Hager bringing out a goat for him, called the Chris Jerigoat.

A big present was then unveiled and underneath just so happened to be Jericho’s father, Ted Irvine. Justin Roberts was asked to read the Thank You note for Jericho from the higher-ups from AEW and TNT. And when Jericho did not like Robert’s tone, he was attacked by the Inner Circle. The trio from Socal Uncensored, who were dressed as the marching band, made the save on Roberts.

In the main event, Chris Jericho faced Scorpio Sky in the earlier announced title match. Despite going toe to toe against the Le-Champion and putting on a great match, Sky was unsuccessful in defeating Jericho. Jericho finished off the match with the Walls of Jericho/Liontamer move to force Sky to submit.

However, just as Sky gave up the match, another challenger quickly appeared for Jericho. Jon Moxley made his way towards the ring through the crowd and made it clear that he is going after the AEW World Championship himself.

Moxley’s claim for the AEW World title might become valid after the turn of events this week. PAC was defeated by Kenny Omega at Dynamite this week and will likely slip from the top of the AEW ranking. Moxley, who was at number two last week, is likely to be at the top of the ranking this week.

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