JD McDonagh Helps Judgment Day To Assert Dominance on WWE RAW 8/14

JD McDonagh Judgment Day
Credits -WWE

JD McDonagh assisted The Judgment Day during the August 14, 2023 episode of RAW.

During the August 14 episode of RAW, Cody Rhodes was scheduled to face Finn Balor in the main event. During the match, Rhodes successfully defeated Balor, but after the match, Judgment Day attacked Rhodes which resulted in Sami Zayn coming as an aid to Rhodes.

Sami Zayn tried to step in and level the odds, but JD McDonagh suddenly appeared and attacked Zayn from behind. This led to Judgment Day unleashing a brutal assault on Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn.

At the beginning of the show, JD McDonagh and The Judgment Day engaged in a confrontation. During this interaction, McDonagh conveyed a message on behalf of Balor that they should focus on Zayn and Rhodes, not on Balor.

Afterward, Sami Zayn came and attacked McDonagh, which resulted in a one-on-one match where Zayn defeated JD McDonagh.

In the previous episode of RAW, McDonagh launched an assault on Zayn, resulting in a severe injury. This event marked the beginning of McDonagh’s involvement in the storyline alongside The Judgment Day.

The history between Balor and McDonagh goes way back as McDonagh has trained under Balor previously. In today’s episode, it appears that McDonagh’s involvement might lead to him become becoming the fifth member of The Judgment Day.

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