Update on Jade Cargill’s AEW Departure & WWE Plans

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is finally moving towards WWE after having a spectacular journey with AEW. 

Fightful Select posted a report where they revealed that those close to Jade Cargill stated that Cargill’s AEW contract expired on Friday, and now she is free to show up anywhere she wants.

Moreover, WWE sources indicate that Jade Cargill will report to the WWE Performance Center later this week. This will be the official start of Jade Cargill’s WWE journey. 

Cargill isn’t scheduled for September 18 Raw or September 19 NXT, but she is expected to sign with the promotion in the coming days. 

It was also revealed that higher-ups in AEW were aware of Cargill’s plan to jump to WWE. However, AEW still gave her a proper send-off as she received a nice ovation backstage and also had a chat with several talents about wrapping up with AEW. 

At the time of writing, Jade Cargill is still listed on AEW’s roster page. It will likely change when she finally makes her WWE debut. However, it is still unknown whether she joins NXT or will directly appear on the main roster. 

Jade Cargill will become the second-ever talent ever to join WWE from AEW with Cody Rhodes being the first person to do so. Now, it remains to be seen when she will appear on WWE TV.

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