Injured Becky was able to take down Charlotte

“Bruised ribs, bad knee, bad arm… still beat you. See you at Fastlane”, is what Becky wrote on Twitter after she was able to reverse Charlotte’s beatdown on her return to SmackDown.

In one episode of RAW, lot of things changed for Becky as her suspension was lifted, she got her wish for the shot at RAW Women’s Championship, the match was then changed another stipulation for getting the Wrestle Mania match and then she got a brutal beating from Ronda to left her with more injuries than her original bad knee. Charlotte entered and we got the recap of how Ronda beat Becky to a pulp, trying to injure her in every way possible. Charlotte has also figured it out that if one wants to summon Becky then the crowd just need to chant her name and she will be out.

Becky returned to SmackDown after almost a month, still on crutches but in high spirit. She acknowledged that she is hurting but that’s okay if it’s the price to stay inside Charlotte and Ronda’s head. She continued by saying that the previous night, Ronda hit her with her best but she is still standing and is ready to fight. She had beaten Charlotte with one good leg at Royal Rumble and she would do it again at Fastlane.

Charlotte, unlike Ronda the previous night, targetted Becky’s knee after knocking her down but Charlotte is not Ronda and Becky ultimately turned the tables to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her for good amount of time until the referees came out to separate them. Charlotte walked back sulking and Becky stood tall in the ring shouting, “On one good Leg”. They will now face off at Fastlane where if Becky wins, she will go to WrestleMania.

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