IMPACT Slammiversary 2022 Results & Live Coverage

Welcome to the live results coverage of IMPACT Slammiversary 2022 as IMPACT Wrestling celebrates its 20th anniversary on June 19, 2022.

The event will feature several specialty matches that were introduced by TNA or IMPACT Wrestling since its inception. The first one is the Queen of the Mountain match for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship where 5 women will try to hang the title on the hook suspended in the air. Tasha Steelz will be defending her title against Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, Mia Yim, and Jordynne Grace.

The Ultimate X match will take place for the third time this year as Ace Austin defends the title against Trey Miguel, Mike Bailey, Jack Evans, Alex Zayne, and Kenny King. Monster’s Ball match will return with Moose competing against Sami Callihan. Both competitors will be isolated in a room without food, water and light for 24 hours before being unleashed into this match. Another specialty match will be a Reverse Battle Royal on the pre-show where competitors are not yet announced.

In the main event, Josh Alexander will defend the IMPACT World title against Eric Young. A dream tag team match will see The Briscoes taking on The Good Brothers over IMPACT Tag Team Championship. Honor No More will take on IMPACT Originals in a 5-vs-5 tag team match. IMPACT Digital Media Championship match on the pre-show will complete the card for this event.

Join us as we bring you results from IMPACT Slammiversary 2022 with live updates, winners, highlights and more.

IMPACT Slammiversary 2022 Results

  • Rich Swann(c) defeated Brian Myers in a singles match via pinfall to retain Impact Digital Media Championship.
  • Shark Boy wins the Reverse Battle Royal.
  • Mike Bailey defeated Ace Austin(c), Trey Miguel, Kenny King, Andrew Everett & Alex Zayne in Ultimate X-Match to win IMPACT X-Division Championship.
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated The Influence(Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood)(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
  • Sami Callihan defeated Moose in a Monster’s Ball match via pinfall.
  • The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe)(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win IMPACT World Tag Team Championship.
  • IMPACT Originals(Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis & Davey Richards) defeated Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Vincent, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven & PCO) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jordynne Grace defeated Tasha Steelz(c), Deonna Purrazzo, Mia Yim & Chelsea Green in a Queen of the Mountain match to win IMPACT Knockouts Championship.
  • Josh Alexander(c) defeated Eric Young in a singles match via pinfall to retain IMPACT World Championship.

Live Updates

Update before the show: Jack Evans has pulled out of the event and will be replaced by Andrew Everett in the Ultimate X match.

Match 1 on Pre-show: Rich Swann defeated Brian Myers via pinfall to defend the Digital Media Championship after a springboard cutter and 450-splash.

Match 2 on Pre-show: Shark Boy pinned Johnny Swinger to win the Reverse Battle Royal. Shera, Chris Bey, Steve Maclin, Chase Stevans, David Young, Johnny Swinger & Shark Boy qualified for the second part of Reverse Battle Royal.

Ace Austin(c) vs Trey Miguel vs Kenny King vs Mike Bailey vs Andrew Everett vs Alex Zayne – Ultimate X-Match for IMPACT X-Division Championship

Bailey and King clear the ring early and hits dives on the opponents on the floor. They both climb the ropes but Miguel and Zayne pull them down. Zayne hits quick kicks to bring Miguel and others down. Miguel sends him to the floor with a hurricanrana and suicide dive. Austin is pulled down by Miguel. Austin sends him to the floor and hits a dive. He hits a dropkick to King and a penalty kick to Bailey. Miguel hits him with a neckbreaker on the apron. Everet hits a German suplex on Miguel on the apron. Everett hits a twisting dive on all the others.

Zayne hits a hurricanrana to bring down Everett. Bailey climbs the ropes and drops his knees on Zayne, King and Everett in the ring as they were in a tussle. All six men do a Tower of Doom spot. Miguel holds on the pillar to not get involved in it. He hits a Canadian Destroyer from the top on Zayne.

Miguel fights Austin and King with kicks. Miguel, Bailey, King and Austin hang on the ropes and fight there for a while. Bailey kicks King down while Austin hits a low blow on Miguel to drop him. Everett joins Bailey and Austin but Bailey hits him with headscissors to send him down. Austin and Bailey are hanging on the top with their legs. Austin kicks away Zayne and Bailey kicks down Austin. Bailey unhooks the belt and gets the win.

Winner – Mike Bailey(new X-Division Champion)

The Influence(Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood)(c) vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie – IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Taya starts against Rayne with a waistlock takedown. She hits a clothesline next. Rosemary tags in and Taya was not happy. Rosemary bites Rayne on her head. Dashwood tags in and Rosemary takes her to her corner to bring in Taya. Dashwood hits a back elbow on Taya before she nails her with a kick and a German suplex. Rayne and Rosemary get the tag and Rayne saves Dashwood from a spear from Rosemary. Rayne slams Rosemary into the apron. Rayne works on Rosemary in the ring now.

Dashwood slams Rosemary’s face into the mat. She hits some elbows to her neck and puts on a chinlock. Rosemary hits a back suplex. Dashwood stops her from making a tag. Rosemary kicks her away. Hot tag to Taya who hits quick moves on her opponents. She hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Rayne to get a two-count. Rosemary comes in and Dashwood saves Rayne from a spear from her.

Back and forth action between all four which leads to Taya and Rosemary hitting double spear. All four women are down. Dashwood drops Taya on the ropes. The Influence hit Rosemary with the Collab. Taya throws Dashwood to the floor. Rayne hits her with a kick. Rosemary hypes up and hits her finisher to get the pin.

Winners – Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary(new Knockouts Tag Team Champions)

Moose vs Sami Callihan – Monster’s Ball Match

Sami attacks Moose on the stage itself. He hits a headbutt as they are down the ramp. The bell has already rung. Sami throws Moose into the barricade and then throws a dustbin at him. He brings out a couple of steel tray and hits them on Moose. Moose hits back with steel bin. Sami’s head is split open. Moose is also cut on his lips. Moose unloads on Sami and hits him with an Urinage on the apron. He hits another Urinage on the apron. Moose hits another Urinage, but this one is through the table.

Moose throws some chairs into the ring. Sami avoids a chair shot at his leg. They throw steel chairs at each others’ faces. Sami cuts off a spear with a dustbin. He slams the bin with a steel chair while his face is still under it. Sami brings out a barbed wire table now. Moose avoids getting thrown into the table. He slips on the turnbuckle though. Sami pushes him through a table that was set up on the floor. Sami brings Moose back to the ring along with a bag of thumbtacks.

Sami was looking for a tornado DDT but Moose counters with a chokebomb on the thumbtacks. Moose drives him over the tacks and sets up for a spear against the wire table. Sami counters with a Death Valley driver through the table for a near fall. Both men have trash can lids now and they trade shots with them. They take each other out with a shot at the same time. Both men have trash can lids now and they trade shots with them. They take each other out with a shot at the same time.

Moose hits a pump kick before Sami hits a lariat and a Cradle Killer to get a near fall. Moose hits a low blow on Sami. He sets up a trash can in the middle of the ring. Sami fights back and hits a kick on his face. Sami drops Moose with a powerbomb. Sami hits the Cradle Killer again, but he kicks out again. Sami hits Moose with a wired bat and hits another Cardle Killer to get the pin.

Winner – Sami Callihan

The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe)(c) vs The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

The fight breaks out as soon as the bell rings. The Briscoes clear the ring right away and hits Good Brothers with dives. Briscoes continue to dominate on the floor with Mark hitting some quick moves. This continues for a couple of minutes until Mark brings Anderson back to the ring. Anderson ends up getting the upper hand in the ring against Jay. He sets up a steel chair in the corner. Gallows runs a distraction and Anderson slams Jay with it.

Gallows comes in and Jay nails him with a superkick. Mark and Anderson tag in. Mark unloads on Anderson. He hits an overhead kick on Gallows. Mark brings down Anderson from the top with a slam. Anderson hits back with a spinebuster to get a two-count. Gallows comes in for an assisted neckbreaker. Jay runs in and saves Mark from Magic Killer. Anderson sends Jay into the ringpost. He tags in and starts trading shots with Mark. Anderson nails a big uppercut.

Jay comes in and they knock Gallows off the apron. Anderson is hit with a double-team neck breaker for a close two-count. Jay goes for a double underhook Jay Driller but Anderson counters with a clothesline. Anderson avoids a Doomsday Device. Gallows pushes Mark in to a Gun Stun from Anderson. Jay tries to fight both opponents but Gallows nails him with a superkick. Good Brothers hit Magic Killer on Jay to get the pin.

Winners – The Good Brothers(new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions)

Both teams face off in the ring after the match. America’s Most Wanted come out and hand them bears to celebrate.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Vincent, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven & PCO) vs IMPACT Originals(Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis & Davey Richards)

Former TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to introduce the surprise member for IMPACT Originals. It turns out to be Davey Richards. A brawl breaks out as the bell rings. IMPACT Originals get the upper hand. Bennett and Shelley are ones left in the ring. Bennett hits a suplex. Shelley hits back with a suplex of his own. Aldis tags in and Shelley flicks at his eyes. Aldis hits him with a slam. Kazarian and Vincent tag in. Kazarian brings down Vincent with a leg sweep. Eddie tags in and Kazarian nails him with a big shot and brings in Richards.

Eddie tags out immediately to Taven. IMPACT Originals work in a group on Taven and then on Vincent for a while. Bennett also suffers the same fate. Honor No More turn the tables on Kazarian and Shelley. They work in group now over Shelley. PCO misses deanimator on the apron, but Honor No More clear IMPACT Originals off the apron to stop the tag out. Shelley sends a couple of members of Honor to the floor with back body drops. He hits double cutter on the other two. Frankie Kazarian tags in and hits quick moves on Taven and Vincent. Eddie breaks a pin after Kazarian hits a slingshot cutter on Vincent.

Aldis comes in and hits a back body drop on Vincent. He was going for a cloverleaf on PCO but Taven drops him. Everyone starts to get involved with big moves. Sabin takes out Bennett on the floor. Taven hits a dive on a bunch of guys. Richards and Eddie are the only ones left in the ring. They trade kicks and chops. Richards hits more stiff kicks to the chest in the corner. Richards hits a dragon screw leg on the ropes. He howls but misses the stomp. He puts on a leg lock on Eddie. Taven comes in and Richards puts him also in a leg lock. Other IMPACT Originals also put on more submissions until PCO breaks them.

Taven and Vincent hits senton on Aldis. PCO hits a body slam on Aldis before he misses a moonsault. Originals work on PCO now. Richards hits the diving double stomp to get a two-count. Maria Kanellis tries to distract but is brought down with Traci Brook. PCO pulls in Traci and Kazarian saves her with a dropkick. Kazarian brings down PCO from the top. Kenny King attacks Sabin. D Lo Brown attacks King. The referee went down between all of this some time ago. PCO is hit with more superkicks. Bennett is put in a crossface. Earl Hebner is ringside and reveals his referee shirt. He gets in to count the pin on PCO.

Winners – IMPACT Originals

AJ Styles appears for a video promo to celebrate 20 years of IMPACT where he talks about the first match in TNA, the start of X-Division and his match against Samoa Joe which brought TNA to the map. He also thanked WWE to do this promo as they know it meant a lot for him. He cheers for another 20 years for IMPACT Wrestling.

Tasha Steelz(c) vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Mia Yim vs Chelsea Green vs Jordynne Grace – Queen of the Mountain Match for IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Yim and Grace work on Green and Purrazzo. Steelz is on the floor to set up a table with Savannah Evans. Purrazzo and Green turn it around with pump kicks. They work on Yim and throw her to the floor on others. Green and Purrazzo hits others with crossbody dives. Green gets a pin on Steelz. Steelz is sent to the cage. Evans was blocking the way to cage and Mickie just sends Steelz into Evans and into the cage and locks both of them up.

Yim hits a clothesline to bring down Green but could not get the pin. Grace and Yim work on Purrazzo now. They hit double team suplex on Purrazzo but they could not get a pin. Yim and Grace argue over who should get the pin. Purrazzo hits a big boot on Yim and an elbow on Grace. Steelz gets free and gets into the ring with Evans. James stops Evans from getting involved and sends him to the back. Steelz hits a snapmare on Green and a running knee to get a two-count. Yim sends Steelz to the floor and hits Green with a German suplex bridge to get the pin. Yim is eligible to win the match while Green is sent to the cage.

Green slams the cage in Mickie James’ face. Grace hits a cutter on Yim as she was climbing the ladder. Purrazzo tries to get the pin but Grace stops her. Purrazzo puts armbar on Grace and then on Steelz when she comes in. Green hits a spear on Grace when she gets into the ring. Steelz taps out to Purrazzo. Steelz is sent to the cage while Purrazzo becomes eligible to win the match.

Purrazzo and Green work in tandem on Grace to send her to the floor. Yim and Green brawl in the ring. Yim rolls up Green for a two-count. Green unloads with blows to the back. Steelz comes in but Green drops her into the ladder with drop toe hold. Yim hits a missile dropkick on Green to send her into the ladder. Yim takes out Purrazzo and Grace on the floor with a senton. She hits a piledriver on the floor to get a pin. Yim becomes eligible to win.

Green hits a headbutt on Yim in the ring and goes up the ladder. James pulls Green down and drops her. Yim climbs the ladder now. Purrazzo hits her with a powerbomb on the ladder. Steelz slams Purrazzo onto the ladder. Green also drops Steelz face first on the ladder. Purrazzo and Green are on top of the ladder. Yim sends the ladder tumbling and Green and Purrazzo tumbling. Grace gets in and hits German suplex bridge on Yim. Steelz joins her in the pin to get the three count. Both Steelz and Grace are announced to be eligible now. Grace hits a muscle buster on Steelz to send her to the cage. Grace climbs to the top and clips the title to get the win.

Winner – Jordynne Grace(new IMPACT Knockouts Champion)

Josh Alexander(c) vs Erik Young – IMPACT World Championship

They lock up and move around in the ring. They exchange forearms, chops and boots. Young swings and misses in the corner. They trade slaps. Josh hits a hip toss. A bit of back and forth before Josh hits a rolling senton. Josh hits a moonsault. Young hits one of his own. Both men are down after a double clothesline spot. They trade shots as they get back up. Josh lands some quick punches to bring Young down. He hits a running boot in the corner to get a two-count. Young hits a Death Valley driver to get a two-count.

Deaner has set up a table on the floor. Young nails Josh with a right hand. Josh fights back with a chop. Young is sent on the apron but he holds on to avoid going throught the table. Young hits an elbow drop. Young unhooks the ring mat and exposes the ring. Josh hits back with big boot. He hits a belly to belly suplex and a big shoulder tackle. Josh counters a suplex and then hits a powerbomb to get a two-count. He steps over quickly for a Boston crab. Josh deals with Deaner and Doering quickly. Josh hits a crossbody off the top rope to get a two-count.

Young hits a Skull Crushing Finale to get a two-count of his own. Josh goes for an ankle lock but Young kicks him into the turnbuckle. Young hits the Black Hole, then goes for a pin but Alexander kicks out. Young nails a big shot to Josh’s head. Alexander sends Young to the mat with a leg sweep. Josh explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. He hits a moonsasult for a two-count. Young tries to fire back with some shots and Josh hits him with Styles Clash for a near fall. Josh puts on the ankle lock again. He puts all of his weight on the leg. Deaner throws powder in the referee’s eyes when Young taps out. Josh beats up Deaner and Doering before kicking Young to the floor. Josh sends Doering through the table.

Young hits Josh with a guitar. He wakes up the referee but could not get the pin. Young exposes the wooden floor on the ring. He hits the piledriver on the exposed floor but Josh kicks out still. Young goes for a piledriver from the second ropes but Josh counters and puts on an ankle lock. Young kicks away only to run into an Urinage on the exposed floor. Josh hits C4 spike on the exposed floor to get the pin.

Winner – Josh Alexander

Josh celebrates his win to close the show.

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