WWE India Wrestler Guru Raaj: “It’s My Turn To Fly”

Guru Raaj WWE

WWE Now India released the exclusive interview of Indian Wrestler Guru Raaj(real name Laxmikant Rajpoot) from the time he was selected for WWE Developmental Contract and training at WWE Performance Center.

“I think it’s my turn to fly in the sky. It feels great,” said Guru Raaj about his selection for WWE Developmental. He went on to describe how he fell sick just before the tryouts and was not at his very best, but still managed to work his way through.

“It was in February when I got the mail for try out. I thought maybe my time is here and now it’s time to show the world what I can do. This was the day I had a fair chance for WWE. Before this, a lot of obstacles came in before me. I was running and training for tryouts. But I felt sick when I was all set to travel from Lucknow to Mumbai. For a brief moment, I thought maybe my wait is going to be longer but then I still went to Mumbai(for tryouts). From day one my passion took over my sickness and I continued to perform. It felt amazing and I gave my best.”

Raaj was then asked about how he felt about his chances when he saw a total of 80 participants appearing for the tryouts. He replied that his prior experience in pro-wrestling helped him.

“I have been a professional wrestler before this and had a connect with the ring. So, [I thought] I will have a head start. I love the ring. So, I simply focused on following the instructions.”

Raaj also expressed how excited he is about being trained by same coaches that have been training some of his idols.

I think it was two months after the try out somewhere around June that I got the mail that I am selected from Orlando Performance Centre. I was very excited and looking forward to train under the same trainers that I see training my idols. I know for a fact that I will be able to push myself better and achieve things, reach MY fullest potential by training under them.

Guru Raaj is advertised for the upcoming WWE Superstar Spectacle event on 26 January 2021. You can see Raaj’s interview below:

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