Goldberg and Undertaker Face-Off at SmackDown

Goldberg and Undertaker had a face-off at SmackDown this week before their match at Super ShowDown 2019 later this week.

Undertaker Goldberg Face Off SmackDown 4 June 2019

On Monday night, Undertaker appeared on RAW and sent a warning that Goldberg should better bring on mythical Goldberg and not the family man Goldberg for their match at Super ShowDown. Goldberg made his first SmackDown appearance last night from Laredo, Texas to reply to Undertaker. He assured Taker that he will bring the Goldberg who had the 173-0 streak back in 1999.

Then, Taker’s gong hit and he appeared out of nowhere and faced off with Goldberg in the middle of the ring. Before the two legends could lay their hands on each other, Taker disappeared as it went dark again. This face-off was similar to the one between Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar before the Royal Rumble 2017 match at RAW. Only that Lesnar was not part of it this time around.

Super ShowDown show is scheduled for this Friday. For more information, news and updates on the show, you can follow this link.

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