Judgment Day Forced Edge to Say “I Quit” at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Image Credit: WWE

The Judgment Day crossed every single line when they forced Edge to say I Quit using his wife Beth Phoenix as bait at WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

The match between Edge and Finn Balor was extremely brutal. The two even went into the crowd where Edge used the Hockey stick. 

Back in the ring, Edge puts Balor into an Edgeshooter and the latter was about to say I Quit, but Damian Priest came running down the ring and saved the match. Soon, Rhea Ripley handcuffed Edge with the top rope and the Judgment Day began their assault. Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix entered the ring with a kendo stick and saved her husband. 

However, later Ripley used brass knuckles to take out Phoenix. Balor hit three consecutive Coupe de Grace to Edge but the latter still refused to quit. Ripley threatened Edge to hit Pheonix with the con-chair-to, forcing Edge finally to say “I Quit.” Despite Edge quitting, Ripley went on and hit Beth with the chair. 

Edge and Finn Balor have been feuding ever since Balor replaced Edge as the leader of Judgment Day. Balor even managed to rope in Dominik Mysterio to expand his group who turned heel by attacking Edge at Clash at the Castle. 

Edge has already defeated Damian Priest in a singles match before eventually challenging Finn Balor for an I Quit match at Extreme Rules. It remains to be seen if Edge pursues this rivalry further after this horrific experience. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


  1. Honestly I’ve seen the way Edge gets when it comes to his wife. He is going to demolish the Judgement day. Finn Balor really crossed the line. He is going to put him on the shelf

  2. I know about Edge when it comes to his wife. Finn Ballor doesn’t. He is a dead man on Monday. He’s gonna wish he never went that far

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