Cesaro Attacked by The Fiend & Tyson Fury after RAW Goes Off Air

The Fiend Attacks Cesaro after Raw 7 Octomber 2019
The Fiend Attacks Cesaro after Raw 7 October 2019

After this week’s Monday Night RAW episode went off-air, Cesaro had to face the burnt from The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Boxing Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury.

7 October 2019 turned out to be disastrous for Cesaro. First of all, he was not part of the RAW episode that aired on TV. But things took more downturn after the show went off the air.

During their brawl, Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury knocked out all the security personnel around them. In order to stop them from doing more harm, the RAW locker room tried to get both of them under control. Even the whole locker room was not being able to handle them properly.

Finally, Strowman left for the backstage and things got under control. Other wrestlers also started heading back soon afterward. Cesaro, who was involved in containing Fury, was trying to console him. The boxing heavyweight did not like the act and ended up hitting a couple of forearms on Cesaro to knock him out.

If that was not enough, Cesaro, already jaded from Fury’s punches, was then attacked by the Fiend who put him under the Mandible claw. The crowd was obviously delighted to see the Fiend in action. But it was not exactly a party for Cesaro.


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