EC3 & R-Truth Trade 24/7 Title on WWE Live at Shanghai and Manila

EC3 Wins 24/7 Championship in Manilla
EC3 Wins 24/7 Championship in Manilla

EC3 and R-Truth have been seen winning and losing the WWE 24/7 Championship during WWE’s South East Asia tour events in Manila and Shanghai.

WWE was in Manila, Philippines for a Live show on Friday night where EC3 faced Chad Gable in a losing cause. After the match, R-Truth ran into the ring and EC3 managed to win the 24/7 title from him. However, his title reign did not carry on was much longer. Chad Gable went on to hit the chaos theory on EC3 and R-Truth won the title back.

WWE’s tour moved to Shanghai on Saturday night and once again EC3 defeated R-Truth to capture the 24/7 title for the third time. But once again, Truth rolled him up soon and won the title back. This will be title reign no #18 for R-Truth if WWE recognizes it.

R-Truth has now the 24/7 championship in 4 different countries- USA, Canada, Philippines and now China. Till now 22 different 24/7 champions have been crowned and 51 different title reigns. Apart from R-Truth, Drake Maverick has won the title for 6 times and Elias have won it for 4 times. EC3 also have 3 24/7 title wins.

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