Drew McIntyre & Elias Issue Statement On Roman Reigns Accident

Both Elias and Drew McIntyre have issued a statement over social media that they did not have anything to do with the accident with Roman Reigns last week on SmackDown.

Roman Reigns Accident SmackDown 30 July 2019
Roman Reigns was involved in an Accident with Production Equipment on SmackDown 30 July 2019

Roman Reigns was involved in an accident at SmackDown last week before he could announce his SummerSlam opponent. As Roman was heading towards Kayla Braxton for an interview, some racks and production equipment fell on him. He survived the accident unscathed but there was no sign fo the perpetrator.

On Friday, WWE posted on their website that they have done some internal investigation and pinned the blame on an error from the forklift driver.

The identity of the attacker has been a subject of discussion among the Internet Wrestling Community. The names of Daniel Bryan and Buddy Murphy have come up after the accident. But the usual suspects like Samoa Joe, Drew McIntyre, Elias and Shane McMahon, with who Roman has been in a feud recently, have also not been spared.

And, since WWE would never want the issue to die down quickly, we have got the statements released from some of the suspects.

First to come out was Elias. He explained that he could not have attacked Roman since he was coughing up blood after an intense match against Kevin Owens at WWE SmackVille event on 27 July. He was absent from SmackDown episode last week and therefore could not carry out the attack. He also added that he has been fighting with Roman face to face this whole time and would not need such tactics.

Then, a few hours later, Drew McIntyre also released a similar statement on the accident with Roman Reigns where he said that he does not give a damn about Roman Reigns. He has faced Roman so many times in the ring and if he wants to attack him, he will do it face to face.

We could expect similar statements to come out from the likes of Samoa Joe and Shane McMahon in the next two days until Monday Night RAW. WWE has added in their show preview that the issue of the mystery attacker will be addressed on RAW.

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