AEW Double or Nothing 2019 Preview, Matches, Predictions, Storylines,

Check the AEW Double or Nothing 2019 Preview, Predictions, Match Card and Storylines.

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With all the hype around it, All Elite Wrestling will host its first show, Double or Nothing this weekend. At various points, the Elites have promised us that this show is going to something extraordinary. And it should be as they have been planning for it for some time now. Fans have lapped them up until this point and onus is on them to prove that the hype is real.

While most of the wrestlers are known to hardcore wrestling fans, casual fans may not be aware of each and every one of them. While the main event will be a blockbuster clash between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, the rest of the card also looks solid. But predicting the results for this is going to be a hard task. Regardless, let’s take a shot.

Casino Battle Royal

It is a good thing that I am writing this piece this late. We just got to know that Adam Page is pulled from Double or Nothing due to a “knee injury” which clearly means he is heading into the Casino Battle Royal and winning it. The winner of the match will get the title match but among the 16 names announced, none is such a big name to be considered to be in the first World title match.

The Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros – AAA Tag Team Championship Match

The Young Bucks vs the Lucha Bros AAA Tag Team Championship Match, The Young Bucks vs the Lucha Bros AEW Double or Nothing,
The Young Bucks vs the Lucha Bros AAA Tag Team Championship Match at AEW Double or Nothing,

Storyline- At the Las Vegas Party, the Lucha Bros attacked the Young Bucks followed by the announcement that they have signed for AEW. Bucks retorted by attacking them during their title defense at AAW event in February and challenged them for a match at Double or Nothing. Next month, Bucks appeared at AAA wrestling event in Mexico and won the AAA Tag Team Title off them.

Prediction- Lucha Bros and the Bucks are going to be involved in a match at AEW’s next event, Fyter Fest. So, the storyline does not seem to end here and hence Bucks might retain the titles here.