Dominik Mysterio Retains Title at NXT Great American Bash 2023

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio defeated Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali to retain his NXT North American Championship at The Great American Bash 2023 event.

The match kicked off with Ali and Lee dominating Dominik. Ali and Lee worked together to send Dominik out of the ring. They went on to fight each other after this. During the middle of the match, Dominik attempted to set up Lee for a 619, but Ali intervened and halted his move with a superkick.

Subsequently, Ali aimed to execute a 450-senton on both Dominik and Lee while they were on the apron, but Ali and Mysterio managed to evade the attack. Ali ended up crashing to the floor due to the collision between Ali and Dominik. In the end, Ali successfully executed a 450 splash to secure the win, but Ripley pulled Ali out of the ring, and taking advantage of the situation, Dominik hit a frog splash on Lee to win the match.

Dominik participated in his first-ever NXT premium live event, where he not only defended his title but also managed to successfully retain it.

Dominik Mysterio won the NXT North American Championship by defeating Wes Lee on the July 18 episode of NXT. Before this title defense, Mysterio has successfully defended his title on two occasions. First on July 22 episode of SmackDown against Butch, and then on July 24 episode of RAW against Sami Zayn.

During the July 25 episode of NXT, Wes Lee interrupted Dominik and Rhea and asked for a rematch since Dominik won it in unfair way. Mustafa Ali also entered the confrontation and brought up that he was supposed to challenge Lee at Great American Bash and Dominik had robbed him of his opportunity. In response, Dominik made it clear without hesitation that he is ready to defend his title against both Lee and Ali at Great American Bash.

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