DJ Marshmello becomes WWE 24/7 Champion

Marshmello wins 24-7 Championship
Marshmello wins 24-7 Championship

American music producer and DJ, Marshmello won the WWE 24/7 Championship from Carmella before losing it back to her during Friday Night SmackDown’s Fox premiere episode.

As celebrities from many fields attended the SmackDown episode from this week, Marshmello was also part of the entourage. As he was talking to R-Truth and Bella Twins backstage, Carmella came running towards them. But just so happened, Otis from Heavy Machinery, who himself was carrying a big bucket of edibles, ended up accidentally pushing the DJ.

Resultingly, Marshmello fell on top of Carmella and a referee made the three count, declaring the famous DJ as the new 24/7 Champion. But as all the champions have to do, Marshmello also had to run away from Otis and others to survive with the title.

Later in the night, as Marshmello reached his car, he was encountered by two more Marshmello clad persons. One of them rolled up the DJ and won the title from him. As it turned out, they were none other than Carmella and R-Truth. Marshmello joins Fox Sports Analyst Rob Stone and NBA player Enes Kanter in the list of non-WWE personalities to win the 24/7 championship.

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