Dean Ambrose Return to Former Ring Name Jon Moxley

Dean Abmrose Ring Name, Jon Moxley

After departing from WWE, Dean Ambrose seemed to be back with his former ring name, Jon Moxley.

Dean Ambrose joined WWE’s developmental brand FCW in 2012 and has since risen to ranks and ultimately became a Grand Slam Champion. In January, he informed WWE that he will renew his contract with them which ended yesterday. He left with much fanfare and was given multiple farewells including the last match alongside Shield at the WWE Live Event in Moline, IL on 21 April which also aired live on the WWE Network as The Shield’s Final Chapter.

But just as his contract got over at midnight on 30 April, he tweeted a video from his Twitter account that shows him breaking out of prison apparently. Another thing to note is although the account was made back in 2012, this is the first tweet from it. The bio of the account also reads only- “Professional Wrestler.”

Fans Theories Regarding the Video

Soon enough, fans started to devise the conspiracy theories regarding the video. We have listed a few of them here.

  • There are some hash marks shown in the video as Moxley(Ambrose) is breaking out of prison. The portion that is lit adds up to 25. This could be a teaser for Double Or Nothing which takes place on Saturday, May 25 from Las Vegas.
  • Aparantely, Ambrose also refrenced to the some gambling terms like cashing in on his chips in his last interview for WWE with Michael Cole.
  • Moxley is initially in an asylum at the start of the video, and it’s Jon Moxley escaping from the Ambrose Asylum.
  • The Dice shown in the video are also reminiscent of the main symbol in promotional material for Starrcast in Las Vegas, which also takes place on May 25. The numbers on the dice shown are 2 and 5.
  • Ambrose is being chased by a big dog after breaking out of prison which could be a reference to Roman Reigns.

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