Report on Dean Ambrose to Return to Indie Scene!

Dean Ambrose WWE Farewell

Dean Ambrose is likely to return to the independent scene sometime in June. And as it became clear with the video posted on Twitter, he will use his old ring name, Jon Moxley.

Ambrose posted a video over Twitter just after his WWE contract got over. Wrestling Fans jump-started the speculations regarding his future with All Elite Wrestling as the video contained some easter eggs related to it. You can check out the major theories regarding the videos here.

However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Dean Ambrose is set to return to indies in June. The Observer also noted that he will be able to command several thousand dollars per match. Also, he will have almost complete control over everything while working as much or as little as he wants.

Obviously, WWE believes that Ambrose will not sign with any other major Pro-Wrestling brand. That is clearly the reason for the unprecedented farewell that he got from the company. But Ambrose signing with New Japan or AEW always remains a possibility. However, it is believed that at this point, Ambrose wants a deal where he is completely in control of his character and to a certain extent, his bookings.

Ambrose informed WWE that he will not renew his contract with the company back in January. WWE offered better contracts to him but in time it became clear that he is determined to leave. His contract got over on 30 April while he worked his last match on 21 April in a WWE live event.

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