Dean Ambrose turns face and then changes Script

Dean Ambrose was changed to babyface on RAW this week as he is approaching the end of the road with WWE. But then some reports are coming where it is being claimed that he has cut short his promo script for last night’s episode.

It is seen several times that when a big star is about to leave the company, the crowd usually cheers for them regardless of them being a heel or face. So to avoid their embarrassment on the heel being cheered during the segments, WWE has turned his face. In their plan to turn his face again WWE creative team has given him a long promo with Seth Rollins for last night’s RAW episode where he would invoke the Shield and mention Roman Reigns which will also help in crowd rallying behind Rollins.

When Dean Ambrose told he won’t re-sign with WWE, he cited his frustrations with WWE creative as the reason and some quotes were flying around that he has enough of the ‘hokey shit’. This was exactly the kind of hokey shit Ambrose was talking about earlier. So instead, Ambrose just went into the ring and just told Rollins one thing- “Slay the Beast”. You have to admit this is going to create the almost same impact. Ambrose has shown WWE how things need to be full of words and drastic every time and sometimes a simple gesture or single sentence can do the work.

As many fans(and even WWE) want him to stay, with every passing step, it seems unlikely that Ambrose is going to be around after Wrestle Mania. And with AEW aiming to stay away from being the kind of circus WWE creates and is not even hiring writers to create a show, I personally feel it will appeal to Ambrose more. So maybe not right away, and unless WWE does not pull out a rabbit from their hat, Ambrose will end up at AEW.

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