Daniel Bryan likely to return to WWE soon

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Daniel Bryan The Planet’s Champion

Daniel Bryan will return to WWE after he was cleared medically for action. He is likely to appear at SmackDown next week.

Bryan suffered an injury during the WrestleMania match against Kofi Kingston where he dropped the WWE Championship. Although the injury was never made official from either WWE or Bryan himself, he has not appeared on TV tapings or Live events since then. The injury was kept a closely guarded secret and it is still not known what exactly it was.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Daniel Bryan is now cleared medically to return for matches. He was also backstage at this week’s SmackDown but was not used. Meltzer also mentioned that the original plan was for the rematch from WrestleMania between Kofi and Bryan for the WWE Championship at the Money in the Bank. But when Bryan was not cleared, the decision to turn Kevin Owens was taken.

Daniel Bryan is currently advertised for the next SmackDown live event next Monday at Corbin Arena in Corbin, Kentucky. He is also likely to appear at SmackDown TV and would be written back to the storylines.

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