Crews vs Owens Intercontinental Title Match Set for SmackDown 4 June

Apollo Crews vs Kevin Owens WWE SmackDown 4 June 2021

Kevin Owens will get another shot at WWE Intercontinental Championship next week on SmackDown(4 June 2021).

Owens was booked against Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews in a title match this week on SmackDown. KO started the match in an urgent manner and hit Apollo with the Stunner in under two minutes.

However, Apollo’s sidekick Commander Azeez hit Owens with the Nigerian Nail to cause a disqualification and helped Apollo retain the title.

Later, Owens went to WWE Official Adam Pearce and asked for a rematch and ensure that Azeez could not interfere in the match. Adam Pearce ordered the rematch for next week and also banned Azeez from the ringside.

Azeez has been the main factor in Apollo Crews winning the Intercontinental title. He interfered in the Nigerian Drum Fight at WrestleMania 37 to help Apollo win the title from Big E. After that also, Azeez has continuously helped out Apollo in retaining the title.

WWE has booked two title matches for the 4 June 2021 episode of SmackDown. In addition to the IC Title match, SmackDown Tag Team title will also be on the line in the match between The Mysterios and The Usos.

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