Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso Win Undisputed Tag Titles at WWE Fastlane 2023

Cody Rhodes Jey Uso WWE Tag Team Champions Fastlane 2023
Credits – WWE

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso won the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title by defeating Damian Priest and Finn Balor of the Judgment Day at WWE Fastlane 2023 PLE.

During the start of the match, Rhodes and Jey dominated the match. Cody skillfully caught Balor on his shoulder and follows it up by executing a gutbuster. Afterward, Cody proceeded to drop Balor onto the mat with a delayed vertical suplex.

Balor and Priest attempted a comeback by delivering swift kicks to Jey, but they managed to secure only a two-count pinfall attempt. Then, in the middle of the bout, Jey’s superkick is countered by Priest, who manages to block it. However, Jey quickly retaliates by hitting Priest with a spear.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley came out, causing Cody and Jey to divert their attention. Jey hit Dominik with a superkick. However, Rhea flirted with Jey to distract him. Priest took advantage of the situation and landed an uppercut on Jey. Priest followed up with a hurricanrana, and Balor hit a Coup de Grace only for Cody Rhodes to break the pinfall.

Jey also kicked out of the pinfall when Rhea hit him with MITB briefcase. McDonagh tried to help Judgment Day again, but he ended up hitting Priest’s knee with it. Cody then dropped Priest on the announce table with Crossrhodes. After this, Cody and Jey execute a Samoan Drop and Cody Cutter combo on Balor. Cody then capitalizes by delivering a Crossrhodes to Balor, securing the pinfall victory.

This victory marks Cody’s first championship win since his return to WWE. Additionally, it’s notable as the first time Jey has held the WWE Tag Titles with a partner other than his brother, Jimmy.

Cody Rhodes has been engaged in a lengthy feud with The Judgment Day. When Jey moved to RAW, Judgment Day approached him with an offer to join their stable, which he declined.

As a result, Judgment Day has been targeting Jey ever since, which has drawn Rhodes into the ongoing rivalry. Rhodes has consistently come to Jey’s aid whenever Judgment Day has attacked him.

During the October 2 episode of RAW, there was a confrontation between Jey and Judgment Day, which led to Cody Rhodes coming to Jey’s rescue. Following this incident, Adam Pearce stepped forward and officially announced that Damian Priest and Finn Balor would defend their titles at Fastlane against Jey and Rhodes.

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