Clash of Champions: Becky vs Sasha Ends in Disqualification

Becky Lynch WWE Clash Of Champions 2019
Becky Lynch WWE Clash Of Champions 2019

The Clash of Champions 2019 match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks for WWE RAW Women’s Championship ended in disqualification due to Becky hitting the referee with a chair.

After a 5 weeks old rivalry, Becky and Sasha faced off last night at Clash of Champions 2019 show. The match saw even action for both the ladies and was probably the most interesting match of the evening. Banks looked to have the match won when she hit Lynch in the gut with a steel chair while the referee was distracted. She connected a knee to the face after getting into the ring. But Lynch kicked out at two-count to add to Sasha’s frustration.

Sasha went for the chair again but was stopped by the referee. Becky grabbed the same chair and tried to use it on Banks but accidentally hit the referee. Anyway, she decided to use it on Banks also. As Sasha retreated out of the ring, their brawl spilled into the crowd. With the referee down, the count-out went out of the picture.

They eventually returned to the ring and Becky put Sasha through more punishment as she hit chair shots on her back(a throwback to how Sasha did the same to Becky upon her return) and even used it to lock the DisArmHer. Some referees and backstage crew controlled the things but the announcer also went on to tell us that Becky Lynch was disqualified due to hitting the referee.

Since it was a DQ finish, Becky was able to retain the RAW Women’s Championship. However, the finish will likely lead to a Hell in a Cell match at the namesake pay per view show on 6 October.

After being away from WWE for 4 months, Sasha Banks return on the post-SummerSlam RAW episode. Upon her return, she started attacking Natalya and also took down Becky on the same night to turn heel. In the next few weeks, Becky and Sasha cut promos and counter promos against each other. Sasha later challenged Becky on 27 August edition of RAW and Becky was quick to accept the challenge.

Later, Sasha was joined by her former tag team partner and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley who also turned on Becky adding a new dynamic to clash. Becky and Flair went on to defeat Sasha and Bayley in a tag team match between the four horsewomen of WWE.

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