Charly Caruso Reportedly Done Appearing On WWE TV

Charly Caruso

Charly Caruso, usually a regular face of WWE Monday Night RAW, hasn’t appeared the show in last few weeks. She has not appeared on RAW Talks which she used to host since the appointment of Kevin Patrick.

It was reported that there is some heat backstage she had received due to appearing late for conducting interviews. There were some specific incidents with the superstars like Randy Orton and Sheamus which got a bad reputation to Caruso.

PWInsider has added their report on the situation that Charly Caruso’s current WWE contract is about to expire and when it does, she will leave the company. However, it seems that WWE has already parted ways with the presenter and it is unlikely that she will appear on WWE TV anymore.

Caruso also reportedly got much heat backstage due to repeatedly saying “DP,” which is a non-PG term, on RAW Talk. She was abbreviating it for Damian Priest.

Kevin Patrick appeared as her direct replacement on Monday Night RAW and RAW Talks episodes since his appointment. Charly Caruso is working with ESPN as well. She is the co-host of ESPN’s new podcast titled “First Take, Her Take.”

Charly began working for WWE back in 2016. Before appearing in RAW, she worked in NXT as well. Currently, her status with WWE is unclear but it is reported that she is done with the company but is yet to leave officially.

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