Charlotte Flair becomes the most ‘disliked’ person in WWE

WWE wanted to screw over the top babyface Becky Lynch by using Charlotte Flair in her full blown heel avatar, even they would not have predicted such extreme reactions from the fans. Apparently, Charlotte has surpassed Roman Reigns as the most disliked person in WWE’s history and that too by almost twice the margin.

Vince McMahon suspended Becky and then replaced her with Charlotte Flair on Raw this week. The video of that segment on Youtube has garnered 68000 dislikes which left behind the 38000 dislikes on Roman Reigns’ video from RAW on the night following Wrestle Mania 33 where he beat the Undertaker. The crowd, upset with Roman Reigns beating the Undertaker, was vehemently booing Roman everytime he tried to say something. The video from Charlotte’s appearance at SmackDown this week is also at 15000 dislikes against 12000 likes.

However, both the cases are completely different as WWE wanted to increase Reigns stature by him beating the Undertaker at Wrestle Mania and in Charlotte’s case they just wanted more fans to hate her which will rally more and more fans behind Becky. Also, Ronda Rousey was seemingly distraught after she was booed by the crowd after Becky was announced as her opponent at Wrestle Mania this year. By adding Charlotte in the mix, all the negetive reaction will be directed towards her for the mean time.

Becky is suspended for now but she will surely come back into the mix for Wrestle Mania. As far as Charlotte is concerned, a triple threat match for the Wrestle Mania main event between these three is always anticipated. However, an early teaser for WWE’s Fastlane event contains the match between Becky and Charlotte which could be about for the spot at Wrestle Mania main event. The rumor mill will keep churning until we get to the actual Wrestle Mania event. For all the updates, keep following this space.

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