Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus WWE Payback 2023 Live Blog

Becky Lynch WWE Payback

Becky Lynch defeated Trish Stratus in one of the greatest steel cage matches at WWE Payback 2023 to take their rivalry to a conclusion. Check the live updates from the match below.


Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus had their first match at WWE Night of Champions where Stratus defeated Lynch with the help of Zoey Stark. All three of them were also a part of the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. After this match, Becky Lynch demanded a rematch against Trish.

The match was scheduled for the July 31st Raw, but Zoey attacked Becky right after the match started. Another match was scheduled for the August 14 Raw. but it ended in a double countout. Since Zoey kept interfering in Trish’s matches, Adam Pearce revealed that her next match against Becky Lynch would be inside the steel cage. Later, WWE confirmed that the match would take place at WWE Payback. 

Live Updates

Becky Lynch is the first to enter the ring for the steel cage match. She is followed by the WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. 

Trish Stratus tries to start things by escaping the cage, but Becky Lynch stops her. Trish punches her, and then Becky gives her a face-first on all the turnbuckles. Becky Lynch hits three consecutive exploders followed by another face-first to the steel cage. 

Trish tries to escape once again, but Becky stops her. Trish then sends Becky into the steel cage to shift the momentum to her side. Becky tries to fight back, but Trish hits a slam. Trish tries to leave through the door, but Becky stops her again.

Trish continues her dominance as she keeps using the cage as a weapon to attack Becky. Trish even forces Becky’s face against the cage. However, Becky turns things around as she sends Trish to the steel cage twice. 

Becky picks Trish on her shoulder before she gives her a face-first on three sides of the cage. Becky puts her in the Disarm her, but Trish breaks it and sends her face-first to the steel cage. Becky and Trish have some back-and-forth before Becky and Trish slams each other’s face to the steel cage multiple times. 

Becky gets the upper hand and then she positions Trish on the upper rope before hitting the leg drop. Becky tries to escape the ring, but Trish stops her at the second turnbuckle. Trish joins her there, and after some punches, she tries to escape herself. However, Becky stops her and hits a powerbomb for a two-count.

Becky tries to hit the Manhandle slam, but Trish counters it by sending Becky to the steel cage. Trish Stratus hits the Widow’s peak for a near fall. Becky Lynch returns the favour by hitting the Twist of Fate for another near fall. 

Becky gets on the top and rolls through which allows Trish to hit her with the Stratusfaction. Trish covers, but it ends up in a near fall. Trish tries to escape the cage again, but Becky drags her back from the top. 

Both stand on the top turnbuckle, Becky tries to hit the Manhandle slam, but Trish counters and hits the bulldog from the top. Trish covers, but it still wasn’t enough and ends up in a near fall. 

Becky stops Trish on the top of the cage again, Trish sends her back and gets to the other side of the ring. Becky tries to get her back and Trish traps both her legs on top of the cage. She somehow manages to free her legs, but Becky hits a superplex to Trish from the very top of the steel cage. Becky covers but Trish counts out right before three. 

Becky starts climbing the cage, Trish tries to get through the door but Trish stops her. Zoey Starks appears and tries to pull Trish out of the ring, but Trish drags her back inside. Zoey attacks Becky using the cage’s door and Trish rolls her for a two-count. 

Becky hits the manhandle slam to Trish but Zoey breaks the pin. Zoey stops Becky as Trish tries to leave the cage again. Becky hits Zoey with the manhandle slam before she stops Trish and hits a manhandle slam from the top rope to get the pinfall.

After the match, Trish slaps Zoey. The latter closes the gate of the steel cage and hits her with the Z-360.

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