MITB 2019: Becky Lynch retains RAW Women’s title over Lacey Evans

Becky Lynch retained the RAW Women’s Championship over Lacey Evans at Money in the Bank(MITB) 2019.

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Bechy Lynch vs Lacey Evans Money In The Bank 2019


Becky Lynch became the double champion at WrestleMania as she won both the RAW and SmackDown women’s Championship titles. On the other hand, Lacey Evans push started immediately after WrestleMania. After doing nothing more than ramp walks for more than two months, she started this feud by decking Becky and they have been involved in multiple brawls since then. Evans won the impromptu no. 1 contender’s match against Natalya to get this match.

Match Description

Becky starts with a dropkick right away and unloads on her in the corner. She slams her on the floor but Lacey escapes to the outside. Lacey gets a shot but Becky sends her to the barricades with an Irish whip. Back in the ring, Lacey slams Becky’s face into the turnbuckle. She stomps on Becky’s arm multiple times and continues to work on it. Lacey avoids a back body drop and hits a huge punch on the back of the head. She hits a springboard splash to get two. Lacey then tries to locks in a stretch but Becky hits an armdrag.

Lacey stops the rally and brings out her handkerchief. She shoves it to Becky’s face until Becky decks her. Clothesline from the middle turnbuckle follows up with multiple flying moves. Becky continues with a dropkick off the top and sends Lacey outside. She again goes to the top but Lacey avoids the move and hits a springboard neckbreaker. A knee to the face follows to get nearfall. Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her but they were near the ropes. Lacey hits her in the knees rolls her up but shoulders were not down. Becky transitions it to the Dis-Arm-Her again and gets the submission immediately.

Winner- Becky Lynch with a submission

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