WWE is not letting the Becky injury angle go away

It seems that WWE is not letting the injury angle for Becky go away so soon. WWE held a Road to Wrestle Mania live event at Rapides Coliseum, Alexandria in LA which also featured the match between SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka and Charlotte Flair. During the match Becky Lynch, who is currently suspended from WWE, attacked Charlotte but Charlotte turned the table on her and may have caused more damage to an already injured knee of Becky.

According to the storyline, Becky suffered an injury on her left knee during her Royal Rumble victory. As the Royal Rumble winner, she then chose to face Ronda Rousey at Wrestle Mania. However, when she refused for the medical evaluation of her injury since she does not trust WWE authority, she was suspended by Stephaine McMahon two weeks ago on RAW. On last week’s episode of RAW, it was informed that Becky has cleared the medical with her personal doctor however, she will only be reinstated when she apologises which she did in the main event segment of the episode. Later in the same segment, Becky was suspended again by Vince McMahon who then put Charlotte in place of her in the main event match at Wrestle Mania.

During the Live Event match on Saturday night, Charlotte was facing Asuka in Rapides Coliseum in Alexandria. Becky apparently came through the crowd and attacked Charlotte in between the match. But Charlotte was able to attack Becky’s already injured knee with a kick. She then worked the knee in between the ropes and hit it with chair shots as officials tried to stop her.


WWE has also confirmed that the injury is aggravated again. WWE might be doing this to pull Becky out of the live event shows and possibly building towards a match between Becky and Charlotte at Fastlane which they are already advertising in Cleveland.

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