WWE Officials Upset After Meeting, Morale Down at SmackDown

WWE officials reportedly held a major meeting that has reportedly led to bad morale at SmackDown backstage.

wwe logo wallpaper
wwe logo wallpaper

Fightful Select has reported that a major meeting was held within WWE today, where many employees were told that they would not be provided promotions, bonuses or raises. The meeting ended with several employees upset.

This meeting was reportedly not related to talent or wrestlers. Instead, this information
relates to WWE offices and other production departments. The meeting left low morale for those who were present.

In another update, WWE wrestlers and crew members are also reportedly very upset backstage at SmackDown taping tonight. Twitter handle WrestleVotes reported that the level of unhappiness and anger is at an all-time high backstage tonight.

“Just got a text from a source in St. Pete… the unhappiness and straight up anger backstage is at an all time high level. Everyone from the boys to the road crew are pissed off. Not a good look.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this situation. Meanwhile, you can check this link for results and updates from tonight’s SmackDown.