Backlash 2019 rescheduled to a new date and location

Backlash 2019 Date Location, Backlash 2019 Poster.

Earlier this week, the reports came out that Backlash 2019 was canceled due to WWE’s Saudi Arabia Event being rescheduled for the date of 7 June. This will have only left one week difference between the Saudi event and Backlash. And since WWE did not want to build up to both events simultaneously, they decided to do away with Backlash altogether.

But it seems that was wrong news or that WWE has changed their plans again. According to new report from Dave Meltzer, Backlash is rescheduled to 23 June and the location for the event is also changed to Tacoma, Washington.

This will mean that there will be a difference of two weeks between Saudi Event and Backlash. But due to this, house shows in Denver and Salt Lake on June 8-9 have been moved to next weekend, and the original date in San Diego on 16 June has been turned from pay-per-view to a live event.

Again, this is not something that WWE has announced but come through some sources of Reporters. So, only when WWE will announce something, we will get complete clarity.

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