Asuka loses on her return to TV

Asuka loses to Mandy Rose at SmackDown
Asuka loses to Mandy Rose at SmackDown

Asuka returned to live TV on WWE after 3 weeks but she lost a non title match against Mandy Rose. Amid the Becky Lynch wave and all the other women stars on SmackDown involved in the Elimination Chamber Tag Team Championship match, Asuka was kept off the SmackDown episodes. The Empress only appeared in a video which WWE broadcasted two weeks ago on SmackDown to show her journey with WWE.

She appeared on this week’s SmackDown where she played down that she is getting lost in the shuffle due the whole Becky-Ronda-Charlotte saga and said she is ready for her next challenge. The next challenge came from Mandy Rose and they went into the match right away. However, Lacy Evans ramp walk on third consecutive night distracted the Empress and Mandy Rose capitalized on it. Mandy further used some under hand tactics but Asuka kept coming back into the match before Mandy finally rolled her up to get the pin and the victory.

A victory over a champion in WWE generally means getting a title shot. So, it will be intresting to see if Mandy gets her Championship match in upcoming weeks or at Fastlane event.

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