Dean Ambrose shoots down future speculations

Dean Ambrose WWE Farewell

The Shield sat down with Michael Cole for an interview before the WWE Network Special, The Shield’s Final Chapter. They talked about their journey since their debut at Survivor Series 2012, beating ‘Superteams’, splitting up, embarking on considerably good singles careers to being back together. The interview ended with addressing the future speculations for Dean Ambrose.

As the interview was coming to close, Dean Ambrose kind of knew what is going to be the final question(actually everyone with a sense would have know). So, he saved Cole from the trouble and instead shoot a promo to end the interview and has dismissed anything from his future plans.

“Let me stop you right there because I already know what your final question is gonna be. I don’t appreciate people putting words in my mouth. I don’t appreciate people trying to tell the story of my life to fit their narrative. Eight years ago, I walked into this casino. Now I’m cashing my chips and walking away from the table. I won the game. What I do with the rest of my life from here on out is my business. I answer to no one. This time the Million Dollar Man didn’t get what he wanted because I can’t be bought.”

Obviously if Ambrose ever wants to come back, WWE will take him with open arms but for now, he is letting us believe that for now, he does not want to. But we can always hope.

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