AEW’s Major announcement for Casino Battle Royal

AEW has announced a title opportunity for the winner of Casino Battle Royal.

AEW has made a major announcement regarding the Casino Battle Royal on the Youtube series Road to Double or Nothing. The winner of the 21 men Battle Royal which will feature in the ‘Buy-In’ pre-show will get a title opportunity against the newly crowned AEW World Champion.

However, AEW is yet to announce when the AEW World Champion will be crowned. Cody Rhodes did tease the title belt during the latest Road to Double or Nothing episode but we could not get a glimpse of it as it was covered. Cody also explained how the wrestlers will enter into the match.

  • As announced earlier, 5 men will start the match with a group of 5 men entering after 3 minutes. No. 21 participant will enter last.
  • Prior to the match, all the participants will draw a card.
  • The suite of the card(diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs) will decide their group.
  • Again, the order of the groups entering the match will be decided randomly.
  • The participant drawing the Joker Card will enter last at no. 21.
  • The winner of the match will get the title opportunity against the AEW World Champion.
AEW World Title Tease, Casino Battle Royal Prize,

Double or Nothing will take place at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas on 25 May. You can check out the full match card for the show here.