AEW Rampage Results & Live Updates January 6, 2023

BCC vs Top Flight AEW Rampage January 6 2023
BCC vs Top Flight on AEW Rampage January 6 2023, Image Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage live episode of January 6, 2023 episode which will feature TNT Championship match.

Darby Allin answered Mike Bennett’s challenge as he defended TNT title just two days after winning it back from Samoa Joe. Bennett called up Darby on the open challenges that he used to put out in his first title reigns. Perro Peligroso was seen in action in a singles match.

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson tried to deal with their anger for losing Trios Casino Battle Royal and $300,000 with it. So, they faced Top Flight in a rematch. Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker took on The Renegade Twins (Robyn & Charlette) in another tag team match on the card.

Check below for results from AEW Rampage episode of January 6, 2023, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson defeated Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin) in a tag team match via submission.
  • Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker defeated The Renegade Twins (Robyn & Charlette) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Perro Peligroso defeated Sonico in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Darby Allin(c) defeated Mike Bennett in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.


Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson vs Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

Top Flight hit Moxley and Bryan with suicide dives on the floor. Moxley starts against Dante with a tackle. Dante hits a dropkick on Moxley. Darius tags in for some quick moves. Dante tags back and Moxley gives a blind tag to Bryan. Bryan hits a kick to Dante’s back as he was rolling up Moxley. Bryan hits several kicks to the chest in the corner. He whips Dante from corner to corner before more kicks. Bryan unloads with punches from the second rope in the corner.

Dante lands on his feet on an avalanche hurricanrana. Dante hits a kick and tags in Darius. Darius hits a thrust kick on Bryan. Moxley tags in and runs over Darius. Dante tags in and Bryan also come in. All four members start brawling. Moxley sends Dante to the floor with a back body drop. Bryan also takes Darius to the floor and works on him against the barricade. Moxley sets up Dante on a chair and hits him with a running boot. Moxley and Bryan hits Darius with a dropkick and big boot combo against the barricade.

Bryan puts Dante in the Romero special back in the ring. Bryan rakes Dante’s face before putting him in an Inferno choke. Bryan lets him go before hitting a kick to the chest. Moxley tags in and hits chops. Moxley hits a superplex to get a two-count. Bryan tags in after Moxley puts on a juji-gatame armbar briefly. We cut to a break.

Moxley and Bryan hit kicks in tandem. Dante ducks the kicks and their shins collide. Darius tags in and hits quick moves on both men. He sends both opponents to the corner and hits an enzuigiri. Bryan hits back with a big punch. He follows up with some kicks. Darius dares him to hit more kicks and catches Bryan’s leg. Darius hits a Spanish fly on Bryan.

Moxley gets a tag. Darius hits him with a flapjack. Dante tags in and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Darius and Dante work together to hit Bryan and Moxley with separate tornado DDTs. Dante hits a splash for a two-count. Moxley hits hammer elbows. Dante rolls up Moxley for a two-count. Moxley hits king kong lariat for a near fall.

Bryan and Darius tag in as Dante blocks paradigm shift. Top Flight hit both members of BCC with quick kicks. Bryan hits Darius with Busaika knee but Dante breaks the pin. Moxley throws Dante to the floor and hits him with Busaika knee. Bryan hits Darius with stomps to his face and puts him to sleep with Labell lock to get the stoppage from the referee.

Winners – Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson

After the break, Adam Page cuts a passionate promo saying that he is clear for the match against Jon Moxley next week and goes on a rampage on how he will beat Moxley and send the video to Blackpool Combat Club.

Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs The Renegade Twins (Robyn & Charlette)

Huge cheers for Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker as they make their entrance. They attack The Renegades as the announcement was still going on. Hayter sends Robyn to the corner and hits a back elbow. Robyn avoids a corner attack with a leap. Robyn hits double knees in the corner before a dropkick. Charlette tags in and joins the attack. Hayter tries to fight back but the Twins keep the pressure on. Hayter counters a double suplex and hits suplex on both opponents.

Hayter boots Robyn in the corner and tags in Baker. Baker unloads with punches. Robyn fires a big shot which gets more punches in reply. Baker hits a slingblade and gets a two-count to send us to a break.

Baker knocks Charlette off the apron. Hayter tags in and brings Robyn to the ring to batter her with forearms. Robyn fights out of the corner and hits an enzuigiri on Hayter. Baker and Charlette get the tag. Charlette hits back drops on both opponents before a spinebuster on Baker. She hits a fisherman suplex for a close two-count.

They trade forearms. Baker hits a underhook suplex on Charlette. Hayter hits Hayt-breaker on Robyn. Hayter and Baker hit sandwich elbows on Charlette. Hayter hits a big lariat and Baker hits a curbstomp on Charlette to get the pinfall.

Winners – Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

Malakai Black gets a pre-recorded promo saying a man once had a gun and he is now asking him why he did not reply to him on a contractual basis. That man is Eddie Kingston. Rest of the House of Black call Eddie sick and say that they are here to help him.

Perro Peligroso vs Sonico

Sonico hits some shots before Perro hits a spinebuster. Perro puts him in a Full Nelson briefly before hitting a discuss lariat to get the pinfall.

Winner – Perro Peligroso

After the match, Jose The Assistant gets into the ring to throw some water on Sonico. Perro removes his mask and drags him over the ramp.

We cut to a video package on how Mike Bennett confronted Darby Allin after his AEW TNT title win earlier this week on Dynamite and asked for a title shot.

Darby Allin(c) vs Mike Bennett – AEW TNT Championship

Mike pushes Darby away. Darby puts on a side headlock. Bennett counters with an arm wringer. Darby counters with an arm wringer. Mike puts Darby to the corner before Darby puts on a side headlock once again. Mike sends Darby to the corner and they trade punches. Mike kicks at Darby’s knee. Darby rolls to the floor and Mike sends him into the barricade. Mike continues to whip him into the corner a couple of times.

Darby avoids a kick and Mike’s leg crashes into the barricade. Mike takes Darby to the ring. Darby decks him on the apron before kicking him off it. Darby goes for a suicide dive but Matt Taven pushes Mike out of the way and catches the dive. Mike decks Darby on the apron and drops him to the floor with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Darby hits back with a big chop as we return from a break. Darby nails forearm before Mike drops him with a punch. Mike hits a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. Mike hits a low kick to trip Darby and puts on an armbar. Darby quickly gets his legs to the ropes to break it. Darby trips Mike on the apron and pushes him into the barricade.

Taven distracts Darby when he tries to set Mike up on a chair. Darby hits a missile dropkick on Mike on the floor after putting him on the chair. Maria gets into the ring to stop Darby from hitting Coffin drop. The referee gets distracted and Taven hits Darby with an enzuigiri. Mike hits Darby with a piledriver but Darby kicks out of the pin.

Mike puts Darby on the top rope but Darby blocks avalanche piledriver. Darby hits avalanche Code Red. Darby follows up with Coffin drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – Darby Allin

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