AEW Rampage Results April 28, 2023, Live Updates, Highlights

AEW Rampage April 28 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage episode of April 28, 2023, which aired at a special start time of 6:30 PM ET after being pre-taped earlier on Wednesday(spoilers available here).

The main event of the night was Cash Wheeler facing Jay Lethal with Mark Briscoe being the special ringside enforcer. Natural Limitless – a tag team of Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes – was also in action.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn were be in trios action a week after they defeated Jericho Appreciation Society. Anna Jay faced Ashley d’Amboise in a singles match while Ricky Starks and Shawn Spears took on Bullet Club Gold’s Jay White and Juice Robinson.

We also heard from the Outcasts on the show. Tune in below as we post results from AEW Rampage April 28, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and highlights with complete action.


  • Bullet Club Gold(Jay White & Juice Robinson) defeated Ricky Starks & Shawn Spears in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Naturally Limitless(Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes) defeated Brady Pearce & Charlie James in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Anna Jay defeated Ashley d’Amboise in a singles match via submission.
  • Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn defeated Enhancement Talents in a trios match via pinfall.
  • Jay Lethal defeated Cash Wheeler in a singles match via pinfall. Mark Briscoe was the special ringside enforcer.


Ricky Starks & Shawn Spears vs Bullet Club Gold(Jay White & Juice Robinson)

Starks runs into the ring to attack Robinson. Spears brawls with White. Starks hits a double ax handle to midsection on the floor and whips him into the barricade. White hits Spears with big chops and chokes him with a wire. Starks takes Juice into the ring to hit chops before Spears trips White off the apron. Spears tags in and hits back elbow with Starks to drop Juice. Straks hits a body slam before another tag to Spears.

Spears mocks White with double finger guns before he unloads in the corner from the second rope. White tries to interfere but Spears drops him on the apron. White hits a knee to back behind the referee. Spears knocks him off the apron but Juice hits a leg lariat and throws him to the floor to White. White drops Spears with a brainbuster on the floor. We cut to a break.

White hits a big chops on Spears as we return from the break. He hits another chop before Spears hits back with a couple of chops of his own. White hits a low dropkick to stop Spears’ momentum. White puts on a chinlock. White knocks off Starks from the apron. Spears turns it around with a suplex and tags in Starks. Starks hits a pump kick on Juice before a back body drop. White distracts him before Juice hits a knee strike to midsection.

Starks hits a back body driver before clotheslining White to the floor again. A superplex from Starks is followed by diving splash from Spears to get a two-count. Spears’ C4 is blocked by Juice with an eye rake. White tags in but Spears slams him to the mat. Starks fights Juice on the floor. Spears hits a thrust kick on Spears before White catches him with Blade Runner to get the pinfall.

Winners – Bullet Club Gold

Starks and Juice fight after the match. Juice runs away to safety. White mocks Starks.

Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Hook are backstage for an interview. Matt is enraged that Isiah Kassidy still remains missing and demands answers from The Firm. The Firm takes over the screen and has Kassidy beaten up. Big Bill and Ethan Page are beating up Kassidy. Page says Matt Hardy has to agree to an Ultimate Deletion match next week to save Kassidy from being thrown off the top. Matt agrees but Big Bill throws Kassidy off the top of a production rake to the floor with a chokeslam. Matt asks Jeff to search for the Firm. Hook says Firm is getting deleted.

Naturally Limitless(Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes) vs Brady Pearce & Charlie James

Brady Pearce starts against Dustin who starts with an armdrag and an uppercut. Lee tags in for a double back-body drop. Lee gets the crowd going. Charlie James tags in and Lee tackles him easily before a corner splash and a toss across the ring. Pearce comes in and Lee drops both opponents with a double clothesline. Dustin comes in and Lee throws him on the opponents. Pearce is thrown to the floor before Lee hits Spirit bomb to get the pinfall.

Winners – Naturally Limitless

Swerve Strickland and other Mogul Embassy members come out to the stage for a staredown at Naturally Limitless.

Tay Melo interrupts Sammy Guevara’s interview backstage and tells him that MJF is not his friend. She says the old Sammy would not be proud at him and that it was his dream to be a World Champion but he was now ready to lay down for MJF. She continues to scream at Sammy for a while.

Anna Jay vs Ashley d’Amboise

Anna pushes Ashley into the corner before a kick. Ashley hits back with a couple of armdrags before some corner tackles. Jay counters in the corner and drops Ashley’s face on the ropes. Anna stretches Ashley around the ringpost until the referee gives her a 5-count. We cut to a break with Anna in control.

Ashley throws Anna away as we return. Anna hits a neckbreaker before putting on queenslayer to get the win.

Winner – Anna Jay

The lights go off after the match. Julia Hart is in the ring after they come on and runs over Anna with a clothesline from behind. Anna turns it around on the floor and puts on a stretch on Julia on the ringpost. Some referees separate them.

The Outcasts are backstage and say they heard Baker and Hayter backstage but they just talk the talk and not walk the walk. Saraya says Willow is lucky that she gets to fight her.

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn vs Enhancement Talents

Bowens hits a superkick on one of the opponents before the bell. Gunn hits a powerbomb as the bell rings and follows up with a fameasser. Bowens hits a belly to back throw before Caster hits Mic drop to get the pinfall.

Winners – Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn

Mark Briscoe is revealed to be the special ringside enforcer by FTR during the split screen face off before the main event.

Cash Wheeler vs Jay Lethal

Lethal slips out of the ring and goes to hug Briscoe on the floor. Cash avoids a big punch from Lethal before they lock up. The referee separates them in the corner but Lethal takes quick shots at Cash. Cash fires back with some shots but Lethal hits more body shots. Cash hits a couple of uppercuts before Lethal drops him with a body slam. Lethal goes to do the strut but Cash gets up and Lethal hits another body slam.

Cash hits him with a couple of arm drags before Cash puts on an arm wringer. Cash ducks Lethal injection before hitting a clothesline. Cash hits a clothesline to send Lethal to the floor. We cut to a break.

Lethal is in control after the break and has Cash in an abdominal stretch. Cash breaks free and hits punches. Lethal quickly puts on the abdominal stretch once again. Mark Briscoe pulls Sonjay Dutt away from the ropes to stop him from interfering. Cash breaks free and rolls up Lethal into an inside cradle to get a two-count. Lethal drops Cash’s face on the ropes. He goes to the top after doing a strut. Lethal wastes more time, allowing Cash to get his knees up on an elbow drop.

Cash hits a back-body drop before some body shots and an uppercut. Cash hits a Tornado DDT to get a two-count. Cash goes for a piledriver but Lethal slips out and gets a two-count. Cash hits a back body drop next. He blocks a Lethal injection before Sonjay Dutt gets into the ring. Briscoe also gets on the apron to stop Sonjay. Lethal pushes Cash into Briscoe to knock him off the apron. Lethal hits Lethal injection to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jay Lethal

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