AEW Rampage June 24, 2022 Spoilers, Results & Live Updates

AEW Rampage June 24 2022
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AEW Rampage episode of June 24, 2022, will be another pre-taped episode, and will be the last show before Forbidden Door PPV. The show will be taped at Panther Arena in Milwaikee, WI.

Hook is announced for a match against an NJPW wrestler. Rey Fenix faces Andrade El Idolo. Jeff Cobb takes on Cash Wheeler. Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb will be in tag team action.

Check below for the complete spoilers from AEW Rampage June 24, 2022 episode with results, live updates, match card and other details.

Event Info

  • Event: AEW Rampage
  • Date: June 24, 2022
  • Start Time: 10 PM ET
  • Location: UW Milwaukee Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI, US

Match Card & Results

  • Andrade El Idolo defeated Rey Fenix in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez defeated Sierra and Lady Luck in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Hook defeated The DKC in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jeff Cobb defeated Cash Wheeler in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Rey Fenix vs Andrade El Idolo

They start with a collar and elbow before quickly coming to a stalemate. Andrade puts on the arm wrench. Fenix turns it around and puts on a headlock. Andrade hits a shoulder tackle. Leap frogs and ducking as they run the ropes. They both hits each other with headscissors and come to another stalemate. Andrade nails a big forearm before cutting off a charge with a kick. Fenix hits a heel kick. He hits a slingshot heel kick next. Andrade starts the Three Amigos but Rey blocks the third suplex and starts his own Three Amigos. Fenix hits three suplexes.

Fenix goes to the top but Andrade slips to the floor. Fenix takes him out with a senton dive on the floor. Back to the ring, Fenix hits a bridging German suplex after some ducking and counters. Andrade misses a chop but manages to push Fenix from the top to send him crashing to the floor.

Andrade hits a body slam and goes to the top. Fenix hits him with a chop and climbs up. Andrade puts him in the Tree of Woe and hits him with diving stomp. Fenix counters with a double stomp on the floor. Andrade blocks a cutter but Fenix hits him with a missile dropkick. Fenix hits a rolling cutter for a close two-count. Andrade counters the frog splash with knees, and rolls him over for a two-count.

They trade shots in the ring now. Andrade hits a big chest slap. Andrade disturbs the ropes to cut off Fenix’s move. Andrade misses a running knee strike on the apron and runs into the ringpost. Fenix hits a stomp on his back on the apron.

Fenix hits Spanish Fly as we return from another break. Andrade gets his leg on the ropes to break the pin. Jose passes a tablet to Andrade while the referee checks on Fenix. The referee catches the tablet. Some back and forth counters before Andrade counters the slingshot heel kick with a knee. Fenix kicks him to the floor but his leg is hurt.

Fenix hits a suicide dive on Andrade on the floor. Jose and Alex Abrehantes get into the ring and argue. The referee’s attention is on them. Rush comes down and hits a low blow on Fenix. Andrade takes Fenix back to the ring and hits Hammerlock DDT to get the pin.

Winner – Andrade El Idolo

Andrade and Rush reveal their La Facion Ingobernables shirt. Rush removes Fenix’s mask. Penta Oscura runs out with some bat to force them to run away.

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo backstage. He hypes Forbidden Door matches but, no offense, he is just looking forward to Blood & Guts as he wants to taste Jericho’s blood.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland and Keith Lee are backstage. Swerve says things might not be that well between them but they are still getting results. They reveals a tag team match at Forbidden Door against Hiroshi Kanemaru & El Desperado.

Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez vs Sierra and Lennie Luck

Deeb puts on the Octopus stretch on Sierra. Lennie tags in and Mercedes comes from the other side. Martinez hits a big spinebuster. Deeb takes the blind tag. Deeb puts on an inverted Indian Death Lock. Sierra tries to interfere but Martinez slams her onto Lennie. Lennie drags to the ropes to break the submission. Martinez slams Lennie to the corner. Deeb and Martinez hits quick moves in the corner on her. Martinez accidentally knocks on Deeb’s elbow. Martinez puts on the cloverleaf on Lennie. Deeb puts on her submission on Sierra. They both tap out.

Winner – Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez

We get a vidoe package for Tully Blanchard Enterprise.

After the break, ROH World Champion Jon Gresham is backstage with Lee Moriarty. Moriarty talks about a title shot for ROH title. Tully Blanchard interrupts them and calls his team the Top Dogs. Gresham proposes a tag team match between him and Gresham vs Tully’s clients.

Hook vs The DKC

Hook starts with a takedown immediately and puts on a kneebar. DKC gets to the ropes to break the move. Hook unloads viciously after DKC hits a shot. The referee breaks them. DKC hits chops to the chest and punches. More chops from DKC before Hook ducks him and hits him with a suplex. Hook hits crossface big blows before putting the Redrum to get the submission.

Winner – Hook

Jeff Cobb vs Cash Wheeler

They lock up and Cobb pushes Wheeler to the corner. Cash put on the side headlock, but his tackle does not even move Cobb. Cash puts on another headlock and another shoulder tackle is no-selled. Wheeler hits a low dropkick but Cobb remains on his feet. Wheeler puts on a headlock again and brings Cobb down to his knees. Cobb counters it into a headlock of his own. Cash fails in drop toe hold and Cobb slams him down to the mat with a waistlock. Cash finally hits a dropkick but Cobb drops him on the ropes next. Cobb throws him across the ring to take us to a break.

Cobb has Cash in a torture rack. Cash slips out to the back for a sleeper hold. Cobb slams him to the turnbuckle but Cash holds on and is able to bring Cobb down to his knees. Cobb slams him back to the corner. Cash hits a few shots. Cobb slaps him back. They trade more shots. Cash hits uppercuts and chops. He hits a chop block to bring Cobb down. He hits a crossbody dive on the floor when Cobb slips out.

Cobb nails a big shot as Cash goes to the top. Cash hits a powerbomb by picking Cobb from the second rope. Cobb hits an elbow but misses a standing splash. Cobb counters a DDT before Cash counters with a cradle to get a two-count. Cash counters a powerbomb with a DDT. More back and forth action until Cobb hits Tour of the Islands to get the pin.

Winner – Jeff Cobb

Great-O-Khan comes out after the match and Dax Harwood attacks him on the ramp. Will Ospreay and Aussie Open attack Dax. Orange Cassidy, Roppongi Vice come out next. Eddie Kingston attacks Chris Jericho who was on the commentary table. Cassidy and Ospreay brawl at the ringside. Kingston and Jericho brawl into the crowd and then come back to the ringside. The brawling continues until the show goes off the air.


Chris Jericho cut a promo saying that the entire crowd deserves a fireball to their face for booing him earlier during Dynamite tapings.

Andrade El Idolo defeated Rey Fenix after Rush hit Fenix with a low blow. Match went for around 20 minutes.

Eddie Kingston cut a promo saying that he would not be satisfied until he tastes Chris Jericho’s blood at Blood & Guts.

Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez defeated Sierra and Lady Luck.

Hook defeated The DKC.

Jeff Cobb defeated Cash Wheeler.

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