AEW Rampage July 8, 2022 Spoilers, Results, Live Updates

AEW Rampage July 8 2022
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AEW Rampage episode of July 8, 2022, will be a pre-taped show from Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY.

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham teams up with Lee Moriarty to take on Gates of Agony. Tony Nese will take on Orange Cassidy. Mercedes Martinez and Serena Debb will be in action in a tag team match while Eddie Kingston will face Konosuke Takeshita.

Check AEW Rampage July 8, 2022 spoilers and results with live updates, winners and more details.

Event Info

  • Event: AEW Rampage
  • Date: July 8, 2022
  • Start Time: 10 PM ET
  • Location: Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY, US

Match Card & Results

  • Eddie Kingston defeated Konosuke Takeshita in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Gates of Agony(Kaun & Toa Liona) defeated Jonathan Gresham & Lee Moriarty in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Mercedes Martinez & Serena Deeb defeated Kayla Sparks & Christina Marie in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy defeated Tony Nese in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Eddie Kingston vs Konosuke Takeshita

Eddie starts with some takedowns against Takeshita before they come to a halt. Takeshita locks on his arms behind his back. Eddie struggles for a while before turning it around. Takeshita nails a big punch to midsection. Eddie hits a knee strikes and a gut wrench suplex. Eddie hits a big chop. Takeshita hits a forearm. Eddie rakes his eyes and hits machine gun chops. Takeshita fires in elbow shots in the corner. Eddie hits a headbutt to drop Takeshita.

Eddie hits more chops. Takeshita runs the ropes and hits a flying clothesline. An eblow in the corner follows with another clothesline. Takeshita hits Blue Thunderbomb to get a close two-count. We cut to a break.

Back from the break, we see them battling on the apron. Takeshita hits a German suplex on the apron. Eddie hits back with an exploder suplex on the floor. They both beat the referee’s count just in time. They collide in the ring a couple of times. Takeshita hits an elbow and Eddie hits back with a big clothesline. Eddie hits a liger bomb to get a close two-count.

Takeshita hits two rolling elbows before hitting a sheer drop brainbuster to get a near fall himself. They trade strikes for a while. Eddie hits a half-and-half suplex. Takeshita replies with a clothesline. Eddie hits a backfist and Takeshita hits him with a jumping knee. Eddie hits another spinning backfist and falls on Takeshita to get the pin.

Winner – Eddie Kingston

Athena and Kris Statlander cut a promo on TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill and say they want to help her get some real competition. They claim that Cargill has denied herself real competition for her streak and title. They are here to help her with some real competition.

We get a promo for Hook as we return from the break.

Jonathan Gresham & Lee Moriarty vs Gates of Agony(Kaun & Toa Liona)

Kaun attacks Moriarty early. He hits a standing senton. Liona comes in and drops a distracted Moriarty with a shoulder tackle. Kaun come back in after Liona hits a big boot on Moriarty. Kaun hits moonsault senton. Moriarty fights back from the corner. He hits back kicks to Kaun and goes to tag Gresham but Gresham was not in the corner after being distracted by Tully Blanchard. Liona drops Moriarty to take us to the break.

Gates of Agony are still in control. Moriarty avoids a corner splash by Liona. He hits a dropkick to send Kaun to the floor and low-bridges Liona. Gresham asks for the tag but removes his hand when comes in. Gresham leaves his corner. Moriarty keeps fighting Gates of Agony on his own. They double team on Moriarty to get the pin. Gresham shakes hands with Tully Blanchard.

Winners – Gates of Agony

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo backstage. He says after beating a young and hungry Takeshita, he has earned the right to face Jericho. Eddie says Jericho’s blood is not only for him, but also for PnP, BCC and Ruby Soho.

Mercedes Martinez & Serena Deeb vs Kayla Sparks & Christina Marie

Debb starts against one of the opponents and hits her with Northern Light suplex. She sends the opponent to the corner and hits a big clothesline. Debb sweeps the leg and catapults her to the bottom rope. The other opponent comes in and gets dropped by Debb. Mercedes comes in and unloads on both opponents. Mercedes hits a big clothesline before dropping that opponent on the ropes. Debb takes the blind tag and puts on the Serenity Lock to get the submission.

Winners – Serena Debb & Mercedes Martinez

After the match, Debb and Martinez argue after the match. Debb drops Mercedes with a clothesline.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Jonathan Gresham and Tully Blanchard. Tony asks Gresham why he did not tag his partner. Gresham replies that Moriarty is not his partner. He has been sitting at home since signing his contract back in March until Tully Blanchard told him his plan. Tony tells him that he will defend the title against Moriarty next week on Rampage. Tully said Moriarty will be in the ring only if there is anything left of him.

We get a split-screen between the two opponents before the main event. Danhausen comes in and says all the questions directed to Orange Cassidy will go through him. Some trash talk follows before we are ready for the match.

Lee Moriarty and Matt Sydal are backstage for an interview. Moriarty says he is winning ROH World title next week.

Orange Cassidy vs Tony Nese

Cassidy ducks Nese’s clothesline. Nese brings him to the mat with a side headlock. Nese hits a tackle after running the ropes. Cassidy avoids Nese’s leg drops back to back. Cassidy hits a dropkick with hands in his pocket. Nese hits him with a back elbow. Cassidy gets a couple of takedowns. He slams Nese’s face into the turnbuckle.

Nese hits a big uppercut as Cassidy goes to the top. A kick to the midsection and a gut buster follow. Sterling kicks Cassidy after Nese throws him to the floor. Danhausen forces Sterling to back off as we cut to a break.

Nese is unloading on Cassidy with bodyscissors on. Cassidy slips out of bodyscissors but Nese nails him with an elbow strike. Nese whips him hard to the corner. Cassidy tries to counter but Nese hits a suplex. Nese unloads in the corner. The referee seperate them. Nese takes Cassidy to the top now. Cassidy hangs on the ropes to avoid a superplex. They trade quick shots until Cassidy drops him to the mat. Sterling gets on the apron and Danhausen pulls him back. Nese hits Danhausen with a sliding dropkick to stop him cursing.

OC counters suplex with a stunner. He hits a Michinoku driver to get a near fall. Nese ducks the Orange Punch and hits a some quick kicks. He hits Solebutt to get a near fall. OC counters with a DDT before hitting another DDT. Cassidy goes to the top and hits a diving DDT to get a near fall. Sterling gets to the apron again and Cassidy hits him with lazy kicks.

Nese hits Pumphandle piledriver to get another near fall. Cassidy avoids the running knee in the corner. Sterling gets in to the ring with his flipboard. Danhausen hits him with a low blow. Danhausen goes to curse Nese but he intimidates him. Nese turns around into an Orange punch from Cassidy for the pin and the win.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy and Danhausen celebrate to close the show.


Eddie Kingston defeated Konosuke Takeshita.

Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb defeated Kayla Sparks and Christina Marie in a tag team match.

Gates of Agony(Kaun & Toa Liona) defeated Jonathan Gresham and Lee Moriarty.

Orange Cassidy defeated Tony Nese.

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