AEW Dynamite May 18, 2022 Results & Live Updates(w/ Preview)

AEW Dynamite May 18 2022
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AEW Dynamite episode of May 18, 2022, will continue to build up towards Double or Nothing 2022 PPV. The show will air from Fertitta Center in Houston, TX, and will have 4 matches from the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Samoa Joe and Britt Baker will face jokers(mystery opponents) in their respective first-round matches. Adam Cole and Jeff Hardy clash in the semifinal match of the tournament while Rey Fenix takes on Kyle O’Reilly in the first round. AEW World Champion Adam Page takes on Konosuke Takeshita. MJF will give 10 lashes to Wardlow.

Check here for the results from AEW Dynamite May 18, 2022 episode with live updates, winners and highlights along with preview and match card.

Event Info

  • Event: AEW Dynamite
  • Date: May 18, 2022
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET
  • Location: Fertitta Center, Houston, TX, US

Match Card & Results

  • Samoa Joe defeated Johnny Elite in Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 match via pinfall.
  • Adam Page defeated Konosuke Takeshita in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Keith Lee & Shane “Swerve” Strickland defeated JD Drake & Anthony Henry in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Kyle O’Reilly defeated Rey Fenix in Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 Match via pinfall.
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD defeated Maki Itoh in Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 Match via submission.
  • Adam Cole defeated Jeff Hardy in Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Semifinal Match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Samoa Joe vs Johnny Elite – Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 Match

The joker is revealed to be Johnny Elite, formerly known as John Morrison in WWE.

Johnny hits an elbow to start as Joe was coming in for lock up. Joe decks him to send him to the corner. Johnny hits some kicks before Joe hits back with his calf kicks and chops. Joe puts on a chin lock and keep Johnny grounded. Johnny hits back with a kick to the temple. A handspring clothesline drops Joe to the floor. Johnny hits a senton dive to take us to the break.

Joe hits an inverted atomic drop, a big boot and a senton to get a two-count. A big chop rocks Johnny. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Johnny hits him with something like a Samoan drop. He follows with a 450-splash and a knee strike. Joe gets his knees up on the moonsault. He hits some quick chops before hitting Muscle Buster to get the pin.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt run out to attack Joe immediately after the match. Satnam walks in and helps them. Trent Baretta, Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero run out and force them to back off.

Lexi Nair is backstage with The Hardys. We are told that Jeff is cleared to compete tonight. The Young Bucks come in and tells Jeff not to take many risks, calls him a shadow of his former self and that he would lose to Adam Cole tonight. Matt tells them that Jeff will win tonight because he is a real Hardy, and not some Hardy cosplayer like The Young Bucks.

Adam Page vs Konosuke Takeshita

Takeshita starts with a big boot and elbows. Page hits a slam and knocks him off the apron. Takeshita hits crossbody on the floor. Back to the ring, Page trips Takeshita on the top turnbuckle. Takeshita blocks a suplex but Page manages to drop him on the apron with a side slam. He hits a moonsault on the floor to take us to the break.

Takeshita hits a Blue Thunderbomb as we return. He follows with top cone hilo on the floor. Page hits a knee and a German suplex. Takeshita hits back with a German suplex of his own. Both men are down after double clothesline. They trade strikes before Page hits a tombstone piledriver for a near fall. They trade elbow strikes before Takeshita hits the last ride powerbomb for a near fall of his own.

Takeshita hits two German suplexes and his neck gives up. Page blocks a knee strike. He takes out Takeshita with an elbow midair. Takeshita hits a bit lariat to counter Buckshot Lariat. Page drops him and hits the Buckshot lariat. Page hits GTS to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Adam Page

After the match, Punk comes to the ramp to stare down Page. Page holds up the title as he comes face to face with Punk.

JD Drake & Anthony Henry vs Keith Lee & Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Drake and Lee start the match. Drake hits a chop while Lee was still signing Bask in his Glory. Lee stings him with his own chops. Strickland comes in and Drake hits him with a chop before tagging out. Henry is hit with a single-leg dropkick and more quick moves from Strickland. He hits a flatliner on Henry. Drake comes in and Strickland hits him with a chop. Lee tags in and works on Henry for a while. Strickland and Lee double team on Henry. They finish the match with a double-team finisher.

Winners – Keith Lee & Shane Strickland

After the match, Lee gets the mic and brings up getting in top 5 of tag team rankings. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs interrupt them and claim that they deserve the tag title shot way more than Keith and Shane. Jurassic Express and Christian Cage come out to the stage. Christian mocks both teams and goes to challenge them for a three way tag title match at Double or Nothing PPV.

Kris Statlander and Red Velvet are interviewed backstage before their match at Rampage. Velvet is hoping that Statlander brings her everything she has got. Statlander goes to reply her until Jade comes in to intimidate her.

MJF makes his entrance with Shawn Spears. MJF is sad over not being in Long Island, and fakes a cough on saying Houston. He warns Wardlow that if he lays a finger on him tonight, he will not get his match against MJF at Double or Nothing and he could never sign a contract with AEW. Wardlow makes his entrance with security detail.

MJF starts whipping him with the belt. Wardlow is unmoved and smiles to irritate MJF. MJF goes to unleash with belt without even counting. Spears hold MJF back and starts lashing Wardlow himself. Wardlow is showing the effects now. MJF takes the belt from Spears, but he instead goes to hit a low blow on Wardlow before hitting him with the belt a few more times. MJF then chokes him with the belt. Spears holds Wardlow up and MJF hits him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Shawn Spears hits a Death Valley Driver and MJF counts the mock pin to end the segment.

Roppongi Vice- Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero- are backstage and inform us that they are back together full time. They challenge ROH Tag Team Champion FTR for a title match, but they also want to win IWGP and AEW titles after this.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Rey Fenix- Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 Match

KOR starts with a side headlock. This starts a series of pin attempts. They trade kicks before KOR goes for an armbar. Fenix hits back with punches. He follows with kicks in the corner and a double jump springboard roundhouse kick. KOR goes to the floor and Fenix hits a tope con giro wipes. Back in the ring, KOR catches Fenix with a triangle sleeper. They return to the floor again as we cut to a break.

After the break, they trade shots until Fenix’s knee gives out. He starts to build momentum with elbows, chops and kicks. A springboard side kick and Alabama Slam into a powerbomb gets him a two-count. A rolling frankensteiner gets him another two-count. Kyle hits back with his body kicks, sweeps his leg and hits a roundhouse kick.

More back and forth action. Kyle puts on a guillotine choke. He has to switch to a wristlock and then hits a knee strike and a dropkick. Fenix nails him with a superkick to send him to the apron. Fenix hits a Frankensteiner to the floor. Back to the ring, KOR reverses a Stunner and puts on armbar. Rey taps out.

Winner – Kyle O’Reilly

Bryan Danielson and William Regal make their entrance, followed by Jon Moxley. Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana, all come out with Mox. Jericho Appreciation Society come out to the stage. Jericho takes shots at William Regal first, saying he could have been the greatest ever but ended up getting fired by everyone. Jericho then takes shots at Santana, Ortiz and Kingston. He calls Bryan the greatest wrestler today, but says he might end up going to rehad with Moxley.

Regal takes the mic and says he has defiled Jericho’s toothbrush every single time he has been on a show with him. This continues for a while until Moxley challenges JAS for a match at Double or Nothing. Jericho says he wants another stadium stampede match, but Moxley cuts him off saying Stadium stampede has run its course, and instead they should have a ten-man anything goes match.

Chris accepts the challenge, claiming that JAS are on the same page while there are issues in his opposite team. He points out how Santana and Moxley tried to gouge each other’s eyes out last time they faced each other. He also brought up a few of Bryan and Eddie’s comments on each other during their feud last year. Eddie has enough of talking and wants a fight now. JAS ignores him and walks off. Bryan and Eddie gets into a shoving match and William Regal has to break it up.

Backstage, Dante Martin and Matt Sydal challenge Blackpool Combat Club for a tag team match.

Britt Baker vs Maki Itoh- Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Round 1 Match

The joker for women’s tournament is revealed to be Maki Itoh. Maki hugs her old tag team partner and we get a recap of them winning a match at Revolution 2021. They hug before starting the match. Itoh counters the cradle for a two-count. Baker nails her with a big forearm. Maki fakes a cry, but then stomps on Baker’s foot. She hits a falling headbutt. Baker’s Lockjaw gets countered to a pin for a two-count. Baker drops her with a slingblade and unloads with punches to take us to a break.

After the break, Baker slams Maki’s face into the turnbuckle a few times. Maki shrugs it off and starts to hulk up. Maki goes to slam her head into the turnbuckle a few more time. She headbutts Baker after letting out a scream. She hits a Tornado DDT and a falling headbutt. Baker kicks out of the pin and then hits a superkick. Baker puts on Lockjaw gets a submission.

Winner – Britt Baker

After the match, Toni Storm comes out for a staredown with Baker.


Tournament Continues: A total of four matches will go on this week on Dynamite for Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Kyle O’Reilly and Rey Fenix will face in the first round match while Samoa Joe also faces a mystery opponent in the opening round. The same goes for Britt Baker in the women’s tournament. Semifinal round will also kick off simultaneously with Adam Cole taking on Jeff Hardy.

Page Faces DDT Challenge: After CM Punk was able to defeat John Silver last week, Adam Page will face Konosuke Takeshita from DDT Pro Wrestling in a singles match. CM Punk will be on the commentary for this match.

MJF’s 10 Lashes: MJF had two conditions to face Wardlow at Double or Nothing. The first one was that he would take the pleasure get to lash Wardlow 10 times, which he gets to fulfill tonight.

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