AEW Dynamite Live Results and Updates- 23 October 2019

Cody To Address Inner Circle at AEW Dynamite 23 October 2019
Cody To Address Inner Circle at AEW Dynamite 23 October 2019

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results and Updates Blog from the AEW Dynamite episode of 23 October 2019(10/23/2019).

  • Date- 23 October 2019
  • Location- Patterson Center, Pittsburgh, PA, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(24 October 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

If you have not gotten onboard on the AEW Dynamite bandwagon, you can still start right away. Because if the first three episodes have shown that you will not be disappointed with the show. This week at Dynamite, the World Tag Team Championship tournament will enter the semifinal stage. New AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega, PAC, Jon Moxley, Britt Baker, and others will be in action. The Young Bucks will battle against Best Friends. And Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes will keep their rivalry alive.

Lucha Bros vs Private Party – AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals

Both teams have already entered as the show goes live. Lucha Bros take the advantage early on, but Private Party regains control past. Kassidy gets control with a flying DDT for a near-fall, but it’s only for a moment as Lucha Bros comes back and hits a flying double stomp top to headbutt. They hit an atomic drop on Fenix before sending him out. Isiah hits a splash on Fenix and Quen uses his agility to hits a springboard DDT on Pentagon. Pentagon takes back control and is keeping Quen in their corner with quick moves.

Quen comes in to help but Luchas hits a double team dropkick on him. Fenix takes out Quen with a moonsault on the outside. A Fisherman driver on Issah gets Pentagon a nearfall. Issah fights off the Luchas and hits a hurricanrana on Pentagon. He dodges Fenix and tags in Quen. Quen comes out of nowhere to avoid both Ray Fenix and Pentagon Jr. to flip over both and then get the tag to Isiah Kassidy. Kassidy hit the Moonsault to the outside on Pentagon and the Jager Bomb on Ray Fenix.

Private Party hit a Stunner Tornado Snapmare combination on Fenix. Outside, Kassidy takes out Pentagon with a Plancha. Inside the ring, Quen hits the 450 Splash on Fenix for another heartbreakingly close near-fall. Lucha Bros had the advantage early on, but the innovative fast-paced offense from Private Party see them regain control fast. Isiah Kassidy gets control with a flying DDT for a near-fall, but it’s only for a moment as Lucha Bros come back and hits a flying double stomp top to headbutt.

Winners- Lucha Bros(Advances to Finals)

SCU vs Dark Order – AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals

We get the replay from last week where Lucha Bros attacked SCU before their match. Both teams enter and we start. Kazarian hits back to back arm drags on Grayson to start. Grayson argues with the ref and uses it as a distraction to tag in Uno. Uno gets a few shots but Kazarian tags in Sky. Dark Order corners Sky and Uno hits a corner splash. Grayson gets the thing going but Sky was quick to turn things around with quick offense. He whips Grayson into the corner and drops on him with a double leg stomp. Kazarian gets the tag back and unloads on Grayson in the corner. Sky gets the tag back but Grayson distracts so that Uno could toss him around the ring.

Sky is thrown back inside the ring as we get split-screen commercials. Sky is being dominated by the Dark Order during the commercial and they are making quick tags to keep him isolated. Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle are roaming in the crowd for some reason. They climb the stairs while the match goes on in the ring. Sky turns things around and hits a neck breaker on Uno. Kazarian gets the tag and hits a clothesline on both the opponents. He continues to run circles around Grayson and hits a Flying Forearm to a leg drop sees Grayson taken down. A Hooker Neckbreaker sees Grayson unable to do anything. He Kazarian hits the Northern Lights Suplex on Grayson while keeping Uno in the pinning predicament.

The Dark Order turns things around. They take out Scorpio Sky in the corner and then hit a Powerbomb on Kazarian for the near-fall. They slam Kazarian on Sky. Kazarian uses Uno and Grayson against themselves, dragging both to take the other out. SCU locks in the Double Dragon Sleeper at the same time. Grayson jumps off the shoulder of Uno to hit a Hurricanrana on Kazarian. Grayson then dives over the turnbuckle onto Kazarian on the outside. Sky kicked out of the pin from Uno. They go for their Fatality move, but Sky gets out, and Kazarian hits Grayson with a DDT. They throw Uno out and hits a DDT on the apron. Sky and Kazarian hit the SCU finisher on Grayson to pick up the win.

Winners- SCU(advances to the Finals)

The Inner Circle is in the top row and Jericho has brought out some bubbly. Joey Janela enters for his match and Omega follows him. We get the highlights from Omega winning AAA Mega Championship from Fenix last Saturday in Mexico.

Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega

Janela hits an arm drag but Omega counters with a back elbow and sends him on the apron. He hits a big knee on him while he was on the apron and hits a crossbody dive at the ringside. Back in the ring, Janela dodges a splash in the corner and hits a corner splash of his own. He chops on Omega’s chest before sending him out with a dropkick. He hits a crossbody splash on the outside and gets two-count when they get back in the ring. Omega tries to fight back, and hits a few punches and then a few chops as we go to the break.

Omega with the death valley driver but Janela gets his knees up on the springboard moonsault. They toy for control until Janela hits a back elbow. He slams Omega to the mat and hits an elbow drop from the top. Janela puts Omega on the top turnbuckle and Omega counter to slam his face into the turnbuckle. A v-trigger gets Omega a nearfall. Janela counters and hits a German suplex.

Omega with some chops and Janela hits the brainbuster. Both men are down. Janela gets a running start and hits a huge lariat for a nearfall. Crown is chanting “this is awesome.” Janela goes for a senton while Omega was on the apron. But nobody is home. A v-trigger and a one-winged angel gets Omega the win.

Winner- Kenny Omega

Cody Rhodes & Team Takes on The Inner Circle

Cody is interviewed by Tony Schivone. Cody says he has a major announcement but the Inner Circle are making noise from the Skybox with the airhorns and not letting him speak. Cody gets frustrated and takes a shot at WWE, telling Jericho that there was no invisible wall between him and the crowd and he could attack Jericho. Jericho reminds him that there are 4 Inner Circle men against Cody. Dustin Rhodes and then and MJF arrived on the scene. They are now joined by DDP who gets a huge pop.

Jericho says he is not afraid of MJF and asks, “WHO WEARS A SCARF?” Cody and team approach the Skybox and Jericho keeps berating them on the mic. He retreats with the Inner Circle but Cody busts into the Luxury Box and the brawl breaks out. Cody attacks Jericho with a dustbin and then pushes him into the concession stands. Dustin and Cody are restrained by the staff currently. Jericho shows his tickets and they are technically audience members. The security force Cody out of the building.

The Young Bucks vs Best Friends

Orange Cassidy is in the ring with Best Friends. Cassidy hit two lazy kicks to the Young Bucks. The Bucks hit double superkicks(the real ones) to send him out of the ring. Best Friends jumps on the Bucks before the bell. They get the attack going before Bucks take back control. Bucks hit back to back backbreaker on Barreta and mimic Best Friends’ hug in the ring. They go for the dive while Friends were at the ringside. But Best Friends counters and sends them to the barricade. Chuck Taylor eats a DDT from Matt Jackson on the apron.

Trent Barreta takes out Matt after Orange Cassidy distracts him. Matt Jackson hits a Corkscrew Stunner for a one-fall. Nick Jackson tries the 450 for a near-fall. Trent hits the Back Body Drop Suplex. Nick Jackson hits the round-house to get taken out by a German Suplex. Barreta dodges the senton from Nick and hits a kick. Nick hits a German suplex and tags in Matt. Barreta hits a German himself and tags in Taylor. Taylor keeps up with the offense and keeps both brothers at bay. He hits a falcon arrow on one of the Jacksons and sends them both to the corner before another falcon arrow to the other brother.

The Young Bucks try to take the control back but Barreta comes back in the ring and sends them out of the ring. Cassidy hits a moonsault on the Young Bucks. Best Friends hit package stomp driver on Matt but Nick breaks the pin with a senton. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson break out the Superkick Party. Matt Jackson jumps to the outside and takes out Orange Cassidy and Barreta. Inside the ring, they hit Moonsaults and Starships to pick up the win.

Winner- The Young Bucks

Post-match, The Young Bucks takes the mic and accepts Ortiz and Santana’s challenge for Full Gear Match.

Britt Baker vs Jamie Hayter

Hayter charges just after the bell to take the advantage early in the match. She beats down Baker and keeps the offense going. Britt got an early-rollup for a near-fall. She hits a Hanging Neckbreaker but Hayter sends her out of the ring. Hayter has been impressive with her offense till now. Baker hits a swing blade on the floor as we go to the split-screen break. Hayter hits a suplex in the ring before Baker turns it around with a running bulldog. Hayter decks her in the face and takes the control back.

Hayter gad Baker in the headlock and they trade strikes as Baker gets out of it. Baker seems to have taken control as she gets the punches going. Hayter jumps on her back for a sleeper and Baker drops on her back to break the hold. Baker runs the ropes and takes Hayter down for two-count with a swing blade. Hayter prevents the neckbreaker and hits suplex of her own.

Baker hits the Avalanche Brainbuster for a near-fall. Hayter hits the Lariat. They end up on the top and Baker hits a superplex. Hayter counters a ripcord and slams her with a side slam. Baker hits a cutter and then a hanging neckbreaker to get a near fall. Baker hits a superkick and uses an abdominal stretch to control Hayter. She pushes her claw into Hayter’s mouth and gets the submission win.

Winner- Britt Baker

Post-match, Hayter goes for the backstage interview with Jenn Decker but Brandi Rhodes attacks her. She is furious for some reason.

Jon Moxley vs PAC

PAC attacks Moxley before they reach the ring and chokes him with his jacket. He tosses Moxley around the ring and sends him into the barricade. The referees stop PAC and let Moxley recover on the floor. Moxley stumbles his way into the ring and the bell rings finally. PAC hits an enziguiri and goes for the top. Moxley rolls out of the ring and PAC hits a tope suicida. PAC is keeping control. Moxley uses his burst of strength to throw PAC into the corner but he is hardly able to stand. PAC puts him in the corner as we go for the split-screen commercial.

Moxley starts getting some punches but PAC whips him to the corner. Mox hits a few chops but PAC is hitting him with sidekicks as we return. PAC hits a standing moonsault to get two-count. Moxley gets to the apron where PAC tries to hit a German suplex. But Mox was smart to block it and jumps down the apron to send PAC’s head into the apron. Back in the ring, they trade strikes. Mox hits some elbows and knees to the face. He takes PAC down with a lariat. PAC tries to counter but gets taken down with another lariat. Mox goes for the running knee but PAC moves out. Moxley hits a suicide dive on him and slams him to the floor as they get back in the ring.

Mox uses a leg lock but PAC reaches the ropes. He goes to the top but PAC hits a dropkick on the turnbuckle and a falcon arrow from the top to get a two-count. Mox rolls him up for one and PAC moves out of the ring. As Mox goes out, PAC hits the penalty kick right on his face. He follows it with a senton on the floor. Only one minute is remaining in the match. Back in the ring, Moxley turns things around and hits the Death Rider on PAC. But he takes too much time to cover and PAC kicks out. The time limit is exhausted and the match ends in a draw.

Result- Match Ends in a Draw as the Time Limit is Exhausted

Moxley argues with the referee and hits him with a death rider. He is pacing around the ring as the show goes off the air.

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