AEW Dynamite January 5, 2022: Results, Preview, Card, Tickets

AEW Dynamite 5 January 2022
Credits- AEW

AEW Dynamite episode of January 5, 2022, will mark its debut on TBS Channel. It will also be the first Dynamite of the new year that will feature a really stacked card that includes the AEW World Championship match. The event will air live from the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ.

The forthcoming episode will feature Hangman Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson II for the AEW World Championship. The event will also feature the finals of the TBS Women’s Championship tournament. Not only that but AEW tag-team titles match will also be on the card on TBS debut. 

Keep on reading to check the complete details on the January 5, 2022, episode of AEW Dynamite.

Date – January 5, 2022
Location – Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
Time – 8 PM EST (January 6 – 1 AM GMT)

Match Card & Results

  • Adam Page(c) defeated Bryan Danielson via pinfall to retain AEW World Championship.
  • Shawn Dean defeated MJF via disqualification in a singles match.
  • Wardlow defeated Anthony Zambrano in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jade Cargill defeated Ruby Soho in the final of TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Final Match to win the title.
  • Malakai Black defeated Brian Pillman Jr in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Luchasuarus) defeated Lucha Bros(Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix)(c) via pinfall to win AEW Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates

Adam Page(c) vs Bryan Danielson – AEW World Championship Match

The three judges for the match are Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn and Paul Wight. The bell rings and Bryan leaves the ring as Page charges at him. Bryan hits a chop and picks his leg to bring him down. Bryan once again gets to the floor and wastes some time. Side headlock from Bryan before the arm wrench. Page reverses it and hits a suicide dive when Bryan goes to the floor. He misses a moonsault on the floor but hits a big powerbomb. He goes for another suicide dive but Bryan drives him into the barricade.

Bryan works on Page’s arm. Bryan hits chops in the corner. Page fires back a couple of his own before Bryan once again goes to work on the arm. Hangman hits a fallaway slam and then a springboard lariat on the apron. He hits a diving lariat from the top to get a two-count. Bryan sends him to the floor but Page catches him and throws him over with an overhead suplex. Bryan trips him into the steel steps next. We cut to a break.

Bryan hits headbutts as we return. Page tries to fight back with chops but Bryan takes him to the mat and goes for the crossarm breaker. Page clasps his hand together to stop it. Page hits a Samoan drop. Page hits a couple of chops. He lands on his feet when Bryan hits a German suplex. Page hits a bridging German suplex for a two-count. They land on the floor as Page goes for a suplex and Bryan slams his face into the ringpost.

Page returns the favor by doing the same a couple of times. Page hits some headbutts as they get back into the ring. We cut to another break.

Page hits headbutts on the top turnbuckles. He hits a crossbody overhead slam to get a two-count. He hits a dead eye on the floor and then the buckshot lariat in the ring. But Page is too spent to cover. Bryan puts on the labell lock. Page catapults him to the apron. Page hits a high boot to send him to the floor. Page hits a moonsault on the floor. He goes for the buckshot lariat but Bryan ducks and hits the running knee for a near fall.

They trade headbutts now. Bryan hits a roundhouse kick and a rolling elbow, and then then hits a piledriver for another near fall. Bryan puts on a triangle choke. Page tries to power out but Byran grabs his leg. Page hits a back drop suplex and get ready for the buckshot lariat and nails it this time to get the pin and win.

Winner – Adam Page(retains AEW World title)

The Acclaimed are backstage and cut a promo on Darby Allin and Sting. They point out how they had the last laugh despite Bowens losing to Allin. They announce a music video drops next week on Allin and Sting.

MJF vs Shawn Dean

MJF comes out to the ring. CM Punk runs out just as the bell rings. Punk is in the ring and MJF is on the floor. Dean gets upset at Punk for interferring. Punk attacks him and hits him with GTS. The referee calls for a disqualification.

Winner – Shawn Dean

Punk says this is the future for MJF until he faces him in the ring. MJF says everything that comes out of Punk’s mouth is fake and enduces boredom. MJF recalls how Punk said last week that they were done, but he continues to pursue him because Punk is nothing about him. MJF says Punk is not the god that he used to be, MJF is that guy now. MJF says Punk got drummed up when he said he is like Roddy Piper. MJF then takes a shot at Punk saying Piper actually had a WrestleMania main event unlike Punk.

MJF says if he is not shown proper respect, he might end up main eventing Mania too. Punk says only thing he wants is to beat him up, so, why not he comes into the ring. Punk adds that MJF can be his guest if wants to leave to the other side. MJF gets riled up and announced CM Punk vs Wardlow for next week. Punk says he will take on Wardlow, but MJF will eventually run out of men to hide behind and he will take him down.

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring with a huge response from the crowd. He says he has not been on TBS since 1999 when he was on WCW Thunder and it’s great to be back again. He brings up the attacks from 2Point0 and says last week was not about saving Eddie Kingston but about some revenge. 2point0 comes out and tell Jericho how they beat up Jericho with steel chair. Jericho mocks them and grabs a bat. He warns them about attacking but Daniel Garcia attacks him from behind. Santana, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston come out to make the save.

Adam Cole is backstage with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Cole tells them how the Young Bucks helped them out and they are stronger together. KOR does not look much happy with that. Cole then challenges Jake Atlas for a match next week, and fires any new guy that they have to face him first.

Wardlow vs Anthony Zambrano

Wardlow comes out for the match. Zambrano gets to the floor before the bell could ring. Shawn Spears attacks him and drops him on the floor with a death valley driver. He throws him Zambrano into the ring. The referee did not notice this and calls for the bell. Wardlow starts hitting his powerbombs one after the other until he decides to pin his opponent.

Winner – Wardlow

Jage Cargill vs Ruby Soho – AEW TBS Championship Tournament Final

Cargill hits an armdrag to start. Cargill backs Ruby to the corner. Ruby fires with forearm strikes. Cargill gets to the apron and Ruby sends her to the floor with a tackle and then hits shotgun dropkick. Cargill hits her with a knee as they return to the ring. A few more strikes from Cargill before Ruby hits an arm drag on her from the top. Ruby is also hurt it seems as she rolls to the floor.

Mercedes Martinez comes out but before she could attack, Thunder Rosa runs out to attack Martinez. We cut to a break.

Cargill misses a running back elbow in the corner. Ruby hits a few running elbows and then works on the knee. Ruby hits inverted STO and kicks at her knee. Cargill hits a shoulder breaker and a pump kick for a near fall. Ruby tries to counter with a sunset flip but Cargill overpowers her. Ruby ends up hitting Saito suplex for a near fall. Mark Sterling argues with the referee and gets booted to the back.

Ruby rolls up Cargill as she goes for the jaded. Ruby hits an overhead kick to get a near fall. Ruby once again counters jaded with a roll up. Ruby unload with hammer fists in the corner and sets her up on the top. Jade fires back with big shots. She hits jaded from the second rope for the pin and the win.

Winner – Jade Cargill(inaugural TBS Women’s Champion)

Malakai Black vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian puts on a headlock and takes Black to the corner. Black goes for a roundhouse kick but misses it. Pillman hits him with a dropkick. Black is sent to the floor and Pillman hits another dropkick. We cut to a break.

Black has worked on the knee during the break. Black hits a roundhouse kick and gets ready for the Black mass. Pillman grabs his leg and fires with big forearm strike. Pillman with a clothesline and a suplex for a two-count. Pillman gets to the top but slips due to some reason. Black nails the Black mass to get the pin.

Winner – Malakai Black

After the match, Black returns to the ring as Lucha Bros were making their entrance. The lights go out and when they come back, Black is on the ramp while Lucha Bros are in the ring.

Britt Baker mocks Ruby Soho backstage for losing the second title match in a row. Ruby says it is big talk coming from someone who could not win without help from Rebel and Hayter. Baker and company attacks her. Riho comes out to attack Baker. The crew gets things under control.

Lucha Bros(Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix)(c) vs Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) – AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Fenix and Jungle Boy start. Rey monkey flips JB for a two-count. JB hits a hurricanrana. Rey nails him with a dropkick and mocks Luchasuarus. Penta comes in but JB escapes a double team and tags in Luchasuarus. Penta knocks JB while Luchasuarus knocks Rey. Penta does Zero Miedo before attacking Luchasuarus. Luchasuarus no-sells chops before slamming his own chop. they all four trade chops and kicks. JB and Rey team up to take down the other opponent. Luchasaurus clotheslines Rey and Penta. Luchasaurus tags in JB who fights back against both opponents with quick moves. This was until Rey Fenix hits with a running kick on the ropes.

Luchasaurus tags in as we return from the break. He hits running splashes in the corner and then drops them with clotheslines. Lucha Bros come back with double team and hit double superkicks. JB runs an interference and hits Rey with a piledriver. Luchasaurus hits a running powerslam on Penta to get a near fall. Penta hits Canadian destroyer to get a near fall. Lucha Bros go for double team finisher but the lights go out. This breaks their momentum.

Luchasaurus looks to fight back on the apron. Rey hits him with a top con hilo and Penta hits fear factor on JB on the apron. Lucha bros hit combination fear factor on JB in the ring. JB kicks out of the pin though. Alex Abrehantes gets mad at that kick out. He sets up a table on the floor. Rey Fenix looks to attack Luchasaurus on the apron but Luchasaurus slams him through the table with a chokeslam.

In the ring, Jungle Boy looks for kill switch on Penta but he stops that move. Jungle Boy ends up rolls him up and gets a pin with sit out pin.

Winners – Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)


The tickets for the first AEW Dynamite at TBS, taking place at Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, can be booked via the below link. The ticket prices start from $47 to $773 plus charges.


AEW World Championship Match: After a one-hour instant classic, Bryan Danielson will challenge Hangman Adam Page again. To ensure that the match do not end in a time limit draw again, there will be three judges present at the ringside to choose a definite winner.

TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Ruby Soho and Jade Cargill will collide against one another in the finals of the TBS Women’s Championship tournament in order to become the inaugural champion. 

AEW Tag-Team Titles Match: Lucha Bros will put their AEW tag-team titles on the line in a match against Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy of the Jurassic Express on the January 5 episode of AEW Dynamite. Jurassic Express ended 2021 as the #1 ranked tag team of the year.

Malakai Black vs Brian Pillman Jr: Malakai Black will also be in action on the first Dynamite on TBS Brian Pillman Jr. This comes after Black spit Julia Hart with Black mist and then defeated Griff Garrison last week on Dynamite.

Chris Jericho Speaks: Chris Jericho returned to Dynamite last week, but Eddie Kingston was not happy about Jericho helping him from a post-match beatdown. Jericho will speak his mind about the situation.

MJF in Action: MJF will be in action on the TBS premiere but his opponent is not announced. He hinted that he want to reach the top of the ranking to become #1 contender for AEW World title.

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  1. It’s kind of the other way around. During big crazy spots, because they know it’s a big spot, they are acutely aware of what is happening and make sure to prep themselves. It’s during the more mundane stuff done over and over again like a side slam through a table that wrestlers become less aware of what they are doing because it’s been done so many times.

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