AEW Dynamite Live Results & Updates- 2 October 2019

Post-match, Michael Nakazawa comes out with a microphone to interview Riho in Japanese. Rose comes back in the ring and destroy Nakazawa with a big powerbomb. Rose then goes to hit a death valley driver on Riho on the apron, but Kenny Omega runs out to stop her. Rose heads off to the back.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz

Omega and Santana start for their teams with a quick exchange of counters and takedowns. Kenny sends both Ortiz and Santana out of the ring. Jericho locks Kenny in the Walls before the Bucks superkick him to break the hold. Nick and Matt take out everyone at ringside with a big dive. Omega is about to dive over the top rope when Jon Moxley runs into the ring. He waits for Kenny to turn around before attacking him. He sends Kenny into the crowd and they fight among the fans. Omega uses a mop as a weapon but Mox is able to get the upper hand. Moxley hits Dirty Deeds into a glass coffee table as we go to a break.

Santana and Ortiz getting taken out by Matt Jackson. Santana pulls Nick off the apron to prevent a tag. He and Ortiz hit a flurry of double team moves but can’t get the three count. Jericho tags in and tries to hit a lionsault only to land on a pair of knees. Ortiz prevents a tag but Matt takes him down with a cutter in the corner. Santana prevents yet another tag but Matt hits a trio of northern lights suplexes to keep himself in the fight. Nick finally gets the tag and goes wild on everyone. Jericho blocks the Meltzer Driver with a Codebreaker. The heels get the win after Jericho hits the Judas Effect.

Winners- Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz

Post-match, Cody runs out and swings away on Jericho. He then drops both Santana and Ortiz. Guevara runs out and low blows Cody. Dustin Rhodes then runs out and helps even the odds. He low blows Guevara! From out of nowhere comes Jake Hager (fka WWE’s Jack Swagger). He goes after Dustin, Cody, Nick, and Matt. Hits a big Vader bomb on Cody, then powerbombs Dustin on the timekeeper’s table. Cody gets picked back up and Jericho hits the judas effect. The heels pose to close out the night.

AEW Dynamite 2 October 2019 Quick Results

  • Cody Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara
  • MJF defeated Brandon Cuttler
  • PAC defeated Adam Page
  • Riho defeated Nyla Rose to become the first AEW Women’s Champions
  • Chris Jericho, Ortiz and Santana defeated Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson

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