AEW Dynamite Live Results & Updates- 2 October 2019

SCU are outside the White House and does their ‘this is the worst town they’ve ever been in’ bit before cutting to the stage with Schiavone. Scorpio Sky tells us that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian will be in the tag tournament which starts next week. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix come out to interrupt them. Fenix says they are the best tag team in the universe while Pentagon gives them “cero miedo”. After SCU does their “SCU!” gesture, the two sides start fighting on the stage. A lot people from Atlas Security intervene quickly along with Dean Malenko and some referees.

PAC vs Adam Page

PAC was outside the ring as we return from the break. As PAC runs back in, he had to take some shots from Page. They trade strikes before Pac hits a few kicks. Hangman replies with a big boot and runs PAC down with a clothesline. PAC is put in the corner for a stiff chop before runs him into the barricade outside the ring a few times and nails a suicide dive.

A standing shooting star press from Page gets him a nearfall. Pac takes Page out of the ring and hits a springboard moonsault. Back in the ring, he hits a springboard 450 for two-count. Hangman hits a superkick while Pac was on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and throws PAC from there with a fallaway slam. He hits a flapjack cutter for a quick two count.

Pac rams Page into the ring post. Pac dominates as we go for a picture-in-picture ad break. Page gets to his feet and unloads with rights and lefts. He hits a spine buster but Pac recovers. The Hangman hits a popup powerbomb for a close two count. Page hits a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. Pac hits a low blow behind the ref’s back. The Bastard climbs up and hits the Black Arrow. He locks in the Brutalizer lock for the submission victory.

Winner- PAC

Nyla Rose vs Riho – AEW Women’s Championship

Britt Baker joins the commentary team before both the competitors enter. Riho ducks a clothesline and hits a few elbows. She hits a dropkick followed by a head-scissor takedown. Rose drops her with a shoulder tackle and hits a running splash. Riho bridges out of a pin and stomps on Nyla’s back. Rose stands up and chokes her on the middle rope. Rose applies a submission but Riho gets to the bottom rope to force a break.

Riho counters a suplex and hits a running knee to send Nyla out of the ring. Rose catches Riho as she flies off the top rope and hits a backbreaker. Nyla makes a pile of chairs at ringside and puts Riho on top. She goes for a senton but Riho moves and Rose crashes hard. Riho nails a double stomp from the apron. Riho locks in submission as we head to a break.

Rose has taken back the control during the break and attempts a powerbomb. Riho almost lifts her up but falls down under her weight. Rose nails her with a right hand but Riho fires back with a few of her own. Riho counters a powerbomb and rolls her up for a close two count. Both women end up on the top turnbuckle and Riho hits a suplex for another near fall. Riho hits a running double knee to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Riho(become first AEW Women’s Championship)

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