AEW on TNT Named All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling Dynamite Poster
AEW officially announces the weekly show on TNT to be named as ‘All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite’

AEW has revealed the name of their weekly TV show on TNT as ‘All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite’.

AEW will start airing a weekly TV show on TNT on Wednesday nights from 2 October between 8-10 PM EST slot. The first episode will air from Capital One Arena in Washington DC and will later move on other cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and others.

The fledgling promotion recently filed a trademark for “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” just last week. However, the name was always going to Dynamite, suffixed with other words. Earlier, AEW also trademarked ‘Tuesday Night Dynamite’ in February and later ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’ back in June.

The name All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite was more or less confirmed when it started appearing on the TV listing. AEW and TNT sent out a press release for the official announcement followed by the social media push. First, @AEWonTNT Twitter account posted the new Poster with Cody and Dustin Rhodes in the center. A few minutes later, they posted another poster with other stars also. TNT also posted the new promo with the new name.

AEW Dynamite will become first wrestling show to be aired on TNT in more than 18 years. Back in the day, WCW’s Nitro aired its last episode on 26 March 2001 after WCW was purchased by WWE. The advent of AEW Dynamite will also start Wrestling’s Wednesday Night Wars as it will go head to head against WWE’s NXT during 8-10 PM slot on the USA Network. While AEW Dynamite will air on TNT.

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