AEW All Out 2019 Live Results & Updates- 31 August 2019

Welcome to the live Results and Updates Blog for AEW All Out 2019 PPV show.

  • Date: 31 August 2019
  • Location: Sears Center Arena, Chicago, Illinois, Unites States
  • Start Time: Pre-Show- 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/ 1 September 4:30 AM IST)
  • Main Show- 8 PM EST(1 September 12 AM GMT/ 5:30 AM IST)
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As it would be the case with every new company, AEW will be under pressure to deliver another kick-ass show on par with Double or Nothing earlier. The card is oozing with promising with the first AEW World Championship match and AAA Tag Team championship on the line. All kind of matches from Ladder, to triple threat to tag matches are there. Jon Moxley’s injury has taken a little bit of sheen out of it but PAC is no squib. All and all, the show should be fine enough if AEW does not do a big enough blunder.

We will start posting updates as the pre-show will start at 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/ 1 September 4:30 AM IST).

Buy In Pre-Show for AEW All Out 2019

21 Women Casino Battle Royal

Casino Battle Royal will open the show as expected. The first batch of 5 women is already in the ring- Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Nyla Rose and Shilandra Royale. Everyone goes after Nyle Rose to start off but she fights them all off. Bates is thrown out by Rose but hangs on by the rope. Peter Avalon puts books down so she can walk her way back into the ring. Kelly hits with an STO on Apache. Royale, Apache, and Kelly all get eliminated one by one. Rose then rumps Bates out of the ring. Avalon tries for the sneak attack, totally whiffs and goes out of the ring.

Next batch enters- Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole, and Britt Baker enter. Ford immediately takes down Rose as she jumps on her off the top rope. A back handspring elbow into Rose gets her some space. Big Swole rocks her with a discus forearm and Shazza drops her and Baker kicks her at the back of the head. Baker nearly gets dumped out by McKenzie but she counters and sends her out of the ring instead. Rose with a double chokeslam, but Big Swole is able to drop her. An uranage sends from Rose send her out of the match. Ford is next to be eliminated.

Batch no. 3- Tenille Dashwood, Ivelisse, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes, and Awesome Kong enter. Baker goes after Priestley even before she could get into the ring. Ivelisse with a hurricanrana on Gibbs. Dashwood with a double under hook suplex, sending Ivelisse into Gibbs in the corner, Dashwood with a running crossbody on both of them. Rhodes is a direct Awesome Kong who drops Ivelisse with ease. Everyone teams up on Kong, while Rose focuses on Brandi. Brandi for a punch, no luck, Brandi then avoids Rose and hits a stunner. Kong uses Ivelisse to send Dashwood out of the match and she then dumps Ivelisse out of the ring.

Batch 4- Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB, and Jazz enter. Allie goes right for Brandi Rhodes. Savoy hits a big suicide dive on a number of people who were still making their way into the ring. ODB with a flask in the ring, Piper with a poke in the eye and then goes for a sleeper on ODB. Savoy is dumped out of the ring by Rose. Kong eliminated Piper. Still lots of people in this one as Rose and Kong go at each other in the ring. Jazz enters into the brawl, ODB joins the group too. “ODB” chant from the crowd. Awesome Kong and Jazz get eliminated. Brandi is eliminated.

Mercedes Martinez is the final entrant. Martinez starts taking on each one, hits a spinebuster on Allie, release overhead suplex, german suplex on Gibbs, and then a curb stomper on Priestley. She then hits a suplex on Rose. Allie tried to go for the Monkey Flip on Mercedes. Mercedes stopped it and put her on the apron. Nyle Rose dumps Allie out. Sadie Gibbs takes out Nyla and then Mercedes, laying them out. Sadie then Gorilla Presses Bea Priestley, but it was not to be as she dumps Sadie Gibbs to the outside.

Gibbs nearly gets sent out, skins the cat, and then gets dumped out. Slingblade by Baker on Priestley. Priestley tries for a hurricanrana on Rose, eats a powerbomb instead. Baker and Martinez attempt to send out Rose. Priestley saves Rose and tried to get rid of the other two. Baker with a superkick to send out Martinez. Down to the final three Rose, Baker, and Priestley.

Superkicks to Rose, knee strike by Priestley. They try to send her out but Rose hangs on. Rose hits a cartwheel kick on the apron and gets back in the ring. Rose with a splash in the corner on both women. Baker hits a Canadian destroyer on Priestley! Baker with a second rope suplex on Rose. Baker with forearms to Priestley but eats a running knee strike. Priestley comes on the apron, spits at Baker and gets hit by a big forearm. Priestley grabs Baker’s arm while Rose goes to dump her out of the ring. Rose wins and she will go to the AEW Women’s Championship match on AEW premiere on TNT.

Winner of Battle Royal- Nyla Rose

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