Accident during set up of Elimination Chamber

If it wasn’t outrageous enough that WWE wanted you to see a 3 and half-hour-long live streaming of Elimination Chamber being set up at Toyota Center, they suffered another embarrassment when an accident happened with one of the workers during the live streaming.

WWE live-streamed workers setting up the Elimination Chamber structure. Who had the patience to watch it for more than 30 seconds is anyone’s guess. And what was the point of it all? When the streaming finished, the Chamber was not complete. However, the streaming did bring some sort of accident to the light that might have taken place with a worker during the setup. At 1:46:02 mark in the below video, you can hear a loud crash happening off-camera which caught everyone’s attention. As the incident is not captured on the camera, more details are not available and WWE has also not released any statement regarding the incident.

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