3 hours long SmackDown Possibility is discussed for FOX

SmackDown Poster

WWE will be airing SmackDown on the FOX Network on Friday Nights from 4 October 2019. With the time for the move getting closer, more details of how WWE and FOX are working towards reshaping the product are emerging.

Earlier, FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier expressed that they have asked WWE to create mor risky and edgier content while also describing SmackDown moving to Friday as short term. Yesterday on Wrestling Observer Radio morning show, Dave Meltzer revealed:

“There is now talk within the WWE to potentially add a third hour to SmackDown once it makes the transition over to Friday nights on FOX. The feeling among higher ups is that since they have to continue filming for 205 Live, a show that never grew as successful as WWE hoped, it may be beneficial to do the expected first two hours from 8 pm – 10 pm on FOX and then continue from 10 pm – 11 pm on FOX’s affiliate, FS1.”

By this move, FOX will try to compensate for losing UFC Deal to ESPN. On the other hand, WWE will receive $50 million extra per year from FOX for this extra hour. Earlier, there has been talks of NXT going live on FS1 and the idea might still be in the works. Another possibility will be the reformatting/reshaping of 205 Live as switching the last hour to FS1 might not bode well for that hour’s ratings of SmackDown.

WWE has no lack of possibilities and resources if they would want to add an extra hour of TV. But as seen with RAW, a more lengthy show might not translate in a better show.

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