Kris Statlander


Real Name: Kristen Stadtlander
Date Of Birth: Aug 7th 1995
Place of Birth: West Islip, New York, United States
Ring Name: Kris Stadtlander, Kris Statlander, Kristen Stadtlander, Liza Viero


Overall (20)11(55%)9(45%)0 (0%)
Single (14)10(71.42%)4(28.57%)0(0%)
Tag Team(6)1(16.66%)5(83.33%)0(0%)
Trios (0)0(0%)0(0%)0(0%)
DateMatchDefMatchMatch TypeChampionship
AEW Dynamite
Apr 22nd 2021
Kris StatlanderDefPenelope FordSingle
 AEW Dark: Elevation
Apr 21st 2021
Kris StatlanderDefTesha PriceSingle
AEW Dynamite
Apr 14th 2021
Kris StatlanderDefAmber NovaSingle
AEW Dynamite Jun 10th 2020Nyla Rose & Penelope FordDefHikaru Shida & Kris StatlanderTag Team
AEW Double Or Nothing May 23rd 2020Kris StatlanderDefPenelope FordSingle
AEW Dynamite May 20th 2020Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Nyla RoseDefHikaru Shida & Kris StatlanderTag Team
 AEW Dynamite May 13th 2020Hikaru ShidaDefDr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., Kris Statlander, Penelope FordFour-Way
AEW Dark May 6th 2020Kris StatlanderDefDani JordynSingle
AEW Dynamite Mar 18th 2020Hikaru ShidaDefKris Statlander, Penelope Ford, RihoFour-Way
AEW Dynamite Mar 11th 2020Bea Priestley & Nyla RoseDefHikaru Shida & Kris StatlanderTag Team
AEW Revolution Feb 29th 2020Nyla Rose (C)DefKris StatlanderSingleAEW Women’s Championship
AEW Dynamite Feb 19th 2020Kris StatlanderDefShannaSingle 
AEW Dark Feb 12th 2020Kris StatlanderDefDiamanteSingle 
 AEW Dynamite Jan 15th 2020Hikaru Shida & Kris StatlanderDefBrandi Rhodes & MelTag Team
AEW Dynamite Jan 8th 2020Riho (C)DefKris StatlanderSingleAEW Women’s Championship
AEW Dynamite 18 Dec 2019 Kris StatlanderDef Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Single 
AEW Dark 11 Dec 2019 Kris StatlanderDef Bea PriestleySingle
 AEW Dynamite  04 Dec 2019 Kris StatlanderDefHikaru ShidaSingle
AEW Dynamite  27 Nov 2019Emi Sakura &  Bea PriestleyDef Kris Statlander &  Hikaru Shida  Tag Team
AEW Dark  13 Nov  2019Riho &  Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.DefKris Statlander & Big Swole Tag Team

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